Irritable Bowel Discomfort

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Is natural help available to help irritable bowel discomfort?

First, the bad news.

Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) is cited by medical texts as having no known cause. With many ‘associations’ of foods and events linked to IBD, we are able to identify and address some root causes that worsen the condition, according to Science Direct and other sources. Such causes include a general decline in food quality, decimated  soil microbiome; calorie-rich, nutrient-poor foods; cooking less and eating takeaway foods more often.

Unsurprisingly, many people commence symptoms at puberty, indicating that low nutrient reserve may be an issue. To illustrate that point, the Australian Health Survey shows that up to 93% of people are officially deficient in at least one mineral, and that this will lead to a specific illness.

Not only is cellular starvation a huge issue, but many people also say that they are ‘never well’ following glandular fever episodes, indicating that Epstein Barr virus may also be a player, according to BMJ case reports. Add to that, our intestines are always in social ‘danger’ mode due to our increasingly high-pressure lifestyles. Our FSM contains a Harry Van Gelder frequency to help reduce EBV infection, according to studies released by Dr Carolyn McMakin.

“The whole thing can be summarised as ‘MacBurnout’,” says Phil Wade of Wade’s Wellness Chemist. Here are a few tips from naturopath  Phil Wade and medical nutritionist, Kirsty Wade, that may help to alleviate your condition.

Now the good news

See Phil or Kirsty for an easy-to-follow guide on how to:

  1. Improve your gut microbiome with an orderly regime of targeted probiotics.
  2. Eat freshly picked foods that are free of pesticides and growth stimulants.
  3. Do a drop-in Urinary Indicans check for causative gut parasites and microbes.
  4. Ask our naturopath and/or our nutritionist for a list of low-reactive foods.
  5. Following the The Australian Health Survey, make sure that you use a food supplement that contains all 74 minerals and 12 vitamins, balanced according to your body’s actual needs.
  6. IBD patients absorb nutrient less efficiently than normal, so those people have an even greater need for better balanced nutrition.
  7. Reduce your exposure to pesticides. See our nutritionist for guides to eating better.
  8. Avoid genetically modified foods where necessary.
  9. Avoid artificially coloured confectionery including some breakfast cereals.

At Wade’s Wellness Chemist, we can also show you how to add healthy years to your life, and:

  1. Test for inflamed gut, and resultant liver and kidneys with our urinary indicator test.
  2. Improve the condition of your gut and resultant discomfort with our tried and tested Leaky Gut protocol.
  3. Support liver detoxification with “best practice” methods.
  4. Restore the microbiome systematically in your gut and also in your biological systems with researched strains found in Wade’s Green Smoothi
  5. Remove Irritant foods that may set up an auto-immune self-on-self attack.
  6. Find out the common genetically modified foods.
  7. Avoid, and help neutralise and remove the 70-odd nicotinoid pesticides in common use that may compromise your nervous system.
  8. Remove the 87,000 man-made chemicals from your body that can enter human cells and act as hormone disruptors. 