Preventing Chronic Illness

Preventive Medicine for chronic illness

While a varying percentage of chronic illnesses have a genetic predisposition, the majority of most of these and other dis-eases – even with a genetic predisposition – may be helped. They may even be prevented by removing environmental toxins and supplanting them with abundant cell nutrients. Why? Because your body has a built-in self-healing capacity, called a homœostatic response, that we can and should exploit to the full and also use in recovery.

Before we go on, let me say that a similar strategy applies to long-term infections. In this case, we work on improving immune activity with herbs and targeted nutritional supplements, such as Wade’s Winter Mix and Perilla frutescens – a herbal tincture.

Let me explain about degenerative or Chronic Dis-ease.

“Diseases such as Schurman’s disease (74%)(8), Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis  (high genetic correlation but strongly influenced by environmental factors), motor neurone disease (1)(5-10% genetic)(2), perhaps Guillain Barré  (0%)(3), maybe Alzheimer’s   (17%)(4), perhaps some MS (5), ankylosing spondylitis (low)(6), some cancers (20%)  (“Cancer is a preventable disease that requires lifestyle changes”7). The evidence alluded to in parentheses shows that these may be prevented in many cases.

Osteoporosis – a case in point.

The Australian Health Survey points out that the number one cause of osteoporosis is calcium deficiency. Incidentally, we were all told by “official medicine” that “this was all genetic” up until the official interpretation by the ABS of this survey surfaced in 2016.

Despite this we are told that too much calcium causes joint calcium build-up. Well, is this right or wrong? The truth is, that if it were right then the survey would be wrong and we would all be damned to creaky joints and chalky bones.

So, how do we explain this anomaly?

Because it is a given that there is too little calcium in our diet – food AND water supply. The survey says so. And it is right that we therefore need to add calcium in a balanced way from sources such as supplements to make up for dietary deficiencies. And it is right that if we supplement with                                calcium the correct way that you can therefore prevent osteoporosis. And it is also right that if  you add calcium the wrong way that you can cause joint calcification. So, the answer is easy. Find the right way.

That means that he right way to supplement with calcium is to combine calcium and vitamin D with other minerals – in specific proportions that aid its absorption. But as there is nothing on the market with all the required elements in it, then we needed to develop such a product in our lab. So that’s what we did. It is therefore called Wade’s Mineral Capsules. OK, unoriginal name, but does the job. What are the other elements? I have them listed on the website along with why I added them.

Oh, by the way, it is also wrong to say that old people cannot develop strong bones. If you are alive then your bone-building cells (osteoblasts) are still active so you can still renew bone growth.

Oh, and the other element is protein.

Protein comes in different grades and is also a major dietary deficiency in many cases. On average, a woman needs around 400g of protein daily and a man needs around 550g. They are all the better if the protein is 100% utilisable. Yes, protein comes in different “grades”. Just ask Kirsty or me at any time and we can explain the difference and guide you to optimally utilisable protein.

Hip and Other Joint Replacements

Can these be avoided? The short answer is “yes! The longer answer is by getting someone early and treating them with the correct supplements and a few microcurrent treatments. That way, if they simply follow an easy regime then up to 80% of all joint replacements may be avoided.

These principles must also apply to Scheurmann’s, disease from the published evidence (8). That means that even a genetic trait like this can be improved and disease prevented(8.1). We have one case study where symptoms regressed from grade 10 pain (including recent fracture of vertebrae) to grade 0 after a single microcurrent treatment. The follow up included dietary changes favouring low reactive foods, additions of Wade’s Mineral Capsules, Supasmoothi plus, Phil’s Oils and Wade’s Winter Mix, with a modicum of natural pain relief.

As Scheurmann’s is an extreme form of osteoporosis (8.1), the same principle logically can be applied to “ordinary” osteoporosis.

So, as the Australian Health Survey survey shows that up to 93% of osteoporosis may be solved using a sensible supplement method, what’s next?


It is probable to prevent possibly 80% or more of goitre (9). Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is classified as an auto-immune disease and preventive methods are not medically known (9). However, autoimmune disease itself is exacerbated by leaky gut, that itself can be treated (10). So, how to encourage a possible remission of Hashimoto’s? Do 2 things: solve your leaky gut/food sensitivity problem especially to grains (10) and make sure that your daily intake of food is accompanied by an abundance of those nutrients that your thyroid gland needs. So, if you need us to prepare for you a a good Thyroid Support/leaky gut regime, please contact us.

Cœliac Disease

In addition to nutrient deficiencies, you may have an atopic gene that makes you prone to a sensitive bowel. So, since we cannot change the gene polymorphism, we look to the literature and are now tasked with 2 major jobs: getting in specific micronutrients so that the myriad cell systems work well even with a DNA polymorphism, and being “careful” about the right food choices (11). I know – you don’t know what to choose because everybody is different, and it is not a “one fits all” system, but officially doable(12). Well, we have discovered a system that gets you there about 80% of the time. And in all my experience, 80% is good enough to develop a normal bowel. Of course, we know what most of the other 20% is, and we can tell you – but perfection is also a choice – and it’s up to you if you want to go that far. So we suggest an early period of “perfection” and follow up with enjoyment combined with tasty* food choices after that.

*It is a definietly consistent finding in our clinic that people enjoy their compatible foods much better than the “avoids”.


Mark Houston did a wave of lecture tours in Australia in about 2014, teaching us natural therapists an abundance of techniques to prevent or cut down your hypertension. As a pharmacist, I can now say there is NO excuse to develop hypertension in around 80% of cases. Just do regular checks of your BP at the pharmacy desk and let us guide you into Mark’s recommendations. The modern prescription pharmaceuticals are very good for spikes in BP with fewer side effects than in days of yore, and when combined with preventive measures easily cover 80% of more cases.*

*Part of our above-mentioned regime covers some of the common root causes of high BP, such as sleep apnoea and stress.

Athlete energy

In 2015 we learnt from Prof Jeff Volek how to develop more endurance and recovery in athletes. Logical stuff – all proven scientifically, but totally contrary to what has been taught by the myriad of “experts” in the past. Shocking I know – but there you are. Sceptical? Just check the fluctuating results of our national swim teams and you have it in a nutshell*. Because the regime needs to be done well, it is best to have a brief 15 minute consult with our naturopath/pharmacist and I will set you on the right – er – course. (13)

*The 2000 Aus. Swim Team changed their dietary habits entirely and swept all before them. They didn’t even get it as close as they could, but nonetheless the change represented a vast improvement on what went before.

Teenage diseases.

Which diseases? You name it: chalky bones, scoliosis (Aust Health Survey); mood swings, study fatigue, concentration lapses, (14), arthritis (15), diabetes (16) chronic fatigue(17). All of these have been demonstrated to be caused by either dietary deficiencies or infections that themselves can be minimised by a healthy immune response that relies on – you guessed it – abundant specific nutritional support. (18). And yes – we have a product and regime that may help to incorporate these nutrients.

Ageing diseases

Would you be totally shocked if I were to tell you that most ageing symptoms of unwellness can be attributed to dietary deficiencies? This is known in the natural profession as reversible accelerated ageing. And that I have received unsolicited feedback from the daughter of a 90-plus YO that when she takes our MVM 78:12 capsules she feels better across the board? And that I have a couple of interesting case studies to prove this?

That means to you that deficiencies in one or more or most of the 78 minerals and 12 vitamins may cause you to feel unwell.

And that by supplementing with these, you will start to feel well, if deficiencies are the cause.  So, as long as you also remove the irritating cause, many ageing diseases may also be reduced. These range from skin cancers* to other cancers*, to rheumatoid arthritis* to hypertension* – in fact most degenerative diseases.

*Evidence available on request.

Childhood diseases

Again, these may be improved by adjusting for dietary deficiencies and reducing of infections – emphatically stated by the WHO (19).

And as any deficiency is exacerbated by poor absorption of nutrients from food incompatibilities, leaky gut, yeast and other microbial superinfection(21). All of it is preventable according to these references. And what we can do to prevent or reduce symptoms to manageable levels of Asthma, extreme IgE food allergy reactions, eczema, proneness to flu and cold and childhood diseases (20). Proof? In abundance (also see WHO and Aust Health Survey). Methods? Varies with the individual, but a modicum of dietary advice and application of the aforementioned nutritional and environmental medicine again may bring us to the 80-20 rule described above.

Childhood diseases

Existing evidence base: above references, documented case studies of mine and unsolicited reports to us and also those published by others in journals such as the ACNEM medical journal and Complementary Medicine journal, annual International Congress of Nutrition, quarterly seminars in between.

Where do you get it?

Well – that’s what any good pharmacist/natural therapist can do for you, getting to root causes and reducing the tendency to become chronically ill – aided and abetted by his friendly sidekick Medical Nutritionist daughter.

For further information, contact us.


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