Wade’s Mineral Capsules


The number one cause of osteoporosis in Australia is calcium deficiency(1).

How do we explain this surprising statistic? Because there is too little calcium in our diet – food AND water supply. That means to you that you need to add calcium from sources such as supplements every day to make up for dietary deficiencies. But it must be done in a balanced way to avoid potential joint calcification. What is the right way?

The right way to supplement with daily serves or doses of calcium is to combine calcium with other minerals in specific proportions that aid its absorption. But as there is nothing that I have seen on the market with all the other minerals plus calcium and other elements in it, then we needed to develop such a product in our lab. So that’s what we did. It is therefore called Wade’s Mineral Capsules. OK, unoriginal name, but does the job. What are the other elements? There are 78 minerals that are considered to be available for human nutrition that I have sourced.

Degenerative or Chronic Diseases can be prevented in many cases but can also lead to paradoxical conclusions that are puzzling to many and so make you hesitant about accepting the right advice. I believe that the reason is that calcium may be poorly absorbed when taken out of balance and therefore finish up calcifying the joints. But taken in the correct balance, cells will be free to take it up and utilise it. Not just bone cells but also muscle and nerve cells.

Oh, by the way, it is also wrong to say that old people cannot develop strong bones. If you are alive then your bone-building cells (osteoblasts) are still active so you can still renew bone growth. Oh, and the other element that you need for health bone uptake is protein.

Protein comes in different grades and is also a major dietary deficiency in many cases. On average, a woman needs around 400g of protein daily and a man needs around 550g. They are all the better if the protein is 100% utilisable. Yes, protein comes in different “grades”. Just ask Kirsty or me at any time and we can explain the difference and guide you to – ahem – protein perfection.

So, 80% of osteoporosis solved in one hit

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