Welcome to our integrated wellness pharmacy, Compounding Chemist, CPAP Shop and Naturopath clinic.  

Not feeling full of vim and vitality? Do you sometimes - or often - experience unexplained fatigue, perhaps with pain and even bloating? We invite you to follow the links to embark on your Wellness Journey

In August, we noted that many people got the 'flu. On some occasions, doctors refused antibiotics and told their patients to "tough it out". This left many people with severe congestion, pain, fever and coughing. So, we developed an effective regime to cover the symptoms. Feel free to contact us to help to relieve your discomfort with a combination of decongestant tabets, congestion-relieving herbs, symptom-reducing homoeopathics and immune-supporting vitamin C blends, the latter 3 that we make in our own lab. phone 02 9427 1196 (overseas prefix is 61 2).

In June, we introduced our new Quitex programme to stop smoking. This is a staged programme.Of course, our hypnotherapy process is the first step! Ask our pharmacists to guide you through the required steps. The idea is to get you out of the habit of smoking cigarettes. Once you have broken this habit, we support your own neurology with nerve-invigorating, targeted nutrition. In extreme cases, we reduce the doses of nicotine in the Quitex gums and patches to enable your body to recover from the effects of nicotine (blood circulation, heart rate, anxiety).

Principally - we can show you the way to: planning a healthy pregnancy;* become a healthy pregnant woman; tips for healthy, abundant breastfeeding; achieve real health in adult life; achieve healthier winters; stop tiredness and lassitude stopping your child from growing healthier; restore puzzling loss of vitality in healthy teenagersvitality in adults, and in their middle and ageing years; pain-free athletes; annoying pain and stiffness with pain in shoulders, hips and knees of all ages.


Fertility heath

Preparing for a healthy regnancy is vitally important for improving the fertility of women and men, for easier pregnancies, healthier babies AND mums too! And dads, for that matter!

Follow the links and learn the simple basics of a preconception programme that may help you to achieve a fast and healthy pregnancy and quality breastfeeding.

Learn more.

Learn about Health strategies that may assist in long term recovery from illness and restoring your energy and vitality.

These include:      

In our compounding lab:

Tailor-made medicines are important to you.

  • We offer to tailor-make your prescriptions: compounded prescriptions . But we don't forget our standard PBS and other ready-prepared prescriptions at very competitive prices.
  • Not feeling that the prescriptions are combining well? that's why we recommend that you take the time to let us perform for regular medication checks, And at no charge to you!!

Still not feeling 100% vital and energetic? That's where our general pharmacists can offer you

further health evaluation checks. Free or very little cost - depending on your Health Fund. they are on the spot:

    • diabetes screening (pinprick blood glucose)
    • cholesterol test
    • blood pressure test
    • Feeling bloated? Then drop in a urne "sample" and we will give you a "Leaky gut" test.This is a 10 minute urine test for digestive health that can lead to many issues including bloating, allertgies, fatigue and food allergy. It could be a life-changer!

More on compoiunded medications:

    • Ask about bio-identical hormones that have now replaced off-the-shelf HRT for preiod pain, irregular period, and peri-menopausal discomfort. 
    • Need to get the body into shape? Have a regular body screening test to check on how you're doing.

More on Weight Loss:

    • If overweight is a problem, ask about our Thin Within programme. Never failed yet to strip off that unwanted 5 Kg - or more! AND the health fund will pay for at least half of it or more!

More on general health tuning up:

    • Having trouble sleeping? Have our expert give you a home-evaluation kit for detecting Sleep apnoea. Again this might prove to be a life changer. And it is relatively LOW COST.
    • Just want a general wellness check? Maybe an unexplained niggle? Check out our cool Iridology evaluation! It might answer some long-term questions and point to a solution.
    • Feeling sluggish? heavy metal testing might provide the answer for you.
    • Other otherwise mysterious grumbles and aches in the chest, abdomen and back? Ask about our simple and low-cost health checks for liver and kidney health, and
    • vitality idex)

Then we may need to help you back to a better place in your health. That's when we can show you our:

CPAP equipment, including all brands of machines, masks and parts, and administered by our University trained sleep technician. And if your medical problem requires us to make up a prescription in the lab,, then:

  • ss a Compounding Chemist, we can basically make any form of medication - both taken orally or to apply to your skin. And with the very finest bases. Then if your body needs a tone-up, who better to see than our:.
  • Naturopath, who is also fully qualified as a Nutritionist (and herbalist for that matter), NLP Master Practitioner, specialist in quitting cigarettes (using hypnotherapy) and Ideal Weight specialist.

Natural Medicine can help with chronic illness. 

so, Welcome toour fron to back, complete healing and - well - full overhaul destination.

Since I was introduced as a relatively young pharmacist to the positive health benefits that natural medicine could achieve, I decided to become formally trained in Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine and Homoeopathic Medicine. I then acquired full qualifications as a Naturopath. That means to you that our pharmacy can now offer real health benefits to complement the effects of pharmaceutical medicines. 

As well as the following Pharmacy specialised services (please note the announcement re PBS prescriptions below), Check out our  Naturopath Programmes below




Special offer

 For the first appointment at our Naturopath Clinic, you receive FREE $250 worth of wellness testing. This includes "Leaky Gut", kidney/liver function and an electronic health assessment.


Also please note on "welcome continued" how The Aust Govt Health Mnister Susan Ley has announced that pharmacists are gearing up to prescribe repeat prescriptions, administer 'Flu vaccines and screen you for breathing health, diabetes, overall health. And of course, all the latest treatments to get that skin glowing! Naturally, we are at the forefront of these services already.


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