Welcome to our integrated wellness pharmacy, Compounding Chemist, CPAP Shop and Naturopath clinic.  

Not feeling full of vim and vitality? Do you sometimes - or often - experience unexplained fatigue, perhaps with pain and even bloating? We invite you to follow the links to embark on your Wellness Journey

In September is when spring "hits" us down under. These last dry 2 months have seen less pollen forming than normal. However, when it rains, the blooming of plants and their resultant pollen will see our "sneezin' season" commence. The medical people will prescribe remedies for "acute" conditions, but the 80% of you who won't probably see a doctor will need support care from your pharmacy. That's why, as a pharmacist/naturopath, I have come up with a few helpful natural medicines and dietary hints that both build up your resistance to allergy and then also treat the sneezing etc when it starts. So just pop in or ring us (61 2 9420 4959) and I am confident that we can ensure that you have a more comfortable spring.

In August, we noted that many people got the 'flu. On some occasions, doctors refused antibiotics and told their patients to "tough it out". This left many people with severe congestion, pain, fever and coughing. So, we developed an effective regime to cover the symptoms. Feel free to contact us to help to relieve your discomfort with a combination of decongestant tabets, congestion-relieving herbs, symptom-reducing homoeopathics and immune-supporting vitamin C blends, the latter 3 that we make in our own lab. phone 02 9427 1196 (overseas prefix is 61 2).

In June, we introduced our new Quitex programme to stop smoking. This is a staged programme.Of course, our hypnotherapy process is the first step! Ask our pharmacists to guide you through the required steps. The idea is to get you out of the habit of smoking cigarettes. Once you have broken this habit, we support your own neurology with nerve-invigorating, targeted nutrition. In extreme cases, we reduce the doses of nicotine in the Quitex gums and patches to enable your body to recover from the effects of nicotine (blood circulation, heart rate, anxiety).

Principally - we can show you the way to: planning a healthy pregnancy;* become a healthy pregnant woman; tips for healthy, abundant breastfeeding; achieve real health in adult life; achieve healthier winters; stop tiredness and lassitude stopping your child from growing healthier; restore puzzling loss of vitality in healthy teenagersvitality in adults, and in their middle and ageing years; pain-free athletes; annoying pain and stiffness with pain in shoulders, hips and knees of all ages.


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