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Phil Wade is an experienced Scientific Naturopath and Pharmacist with over 35 years experience. Phil specialises as a Naturopath and, with Janet, as a Compounding Chemist :

As a Naturopath, Phil specialises in:

PreConception planning for females and males.

Chronic Fatigue.

healthy skin - dietary and topical solutions.

children's growth health issues (including moodiness).

teens health including lassitude and extremes in moods.

male health.

As pharmacists, Phil and the highly-credentialed Janet operate a warm, friendly, neighbourhood pharmacy dedicated to the care of the sick and elderly. 

Phil's naturopathy protocols are well advanced as he employs the then TGA-approved

Precision™ Frequency Specific deep tissue therapy therapy

Bio Impedence VLA testing.

test for "Leaky Gut" giving clues to potential

food allergy and

liver health

The then TGA-approved Hemaview™ live blood techniques for health markers that may indicate oxidative stress, and nutritional imbalances and deficiencies.

We have refined many of these later protocols by regular attendance at Continuing Professional Education conferences and seminars.

His interest reached out into the abovementioned areas due to observed results.  

At Wades Compounding Chemist and Naturopath, our International Wellness Centre, has developed a unique approach over 32 years. In that time Phil's methods have changed greatly in response to the needs of his clients. As your naturopath, Phil was originally trained as a pharmacist at a fundamental level - as was Jan - combining the dispensing skills of plant and elemental medicines with the very highest level of theoretical physical chemistry and the other specialist pharmacy topics* 

So as not to put all that good training in pharmaceutics to waste, Phil developed a state-of-the-art laboratory in 2009 to convert the pharmacy into a Compounding Chemist. This activity complements both the world of modern medicine with that of traditional natural medicine, aka complementary medicine.

This dual approach also highlights the sensible philosophy of The Wades - we also run an orthodox pharmacy as well as a CPAP shop and Naturopath clinic, to help people in crisis. We believe that if your health is under immediate threat, the doctor is the person to see. Pronto. We also believe that you might need tailor-made medications - hence the compounding lab. Not only that but we also believe that many of you suffer from health challenges that are related to the over-refined foods of society today and that this problem can lead to a slow breakdown of health and the onset of chronic illness, that may be often characterised by fatigue. Hence the Naturopath role.

Phil's fortunate additional background in naturopathy, encompassing such subjects as herbal and nutritional medicine, homoeopathy and wholistic (therapeutic) counselling as well as anatomy and physiology, pathology and disciplines such as Iridology, Macrobiotics and levels 1 to 4 of Remedial Massage, have given him the ability and desire to see through superficial symptoms and get to the root cause of health problems and to identify and utilise the tools necessary to help rectify them.

The 32 years Phil has spent attending the often excellent seminars and literature reviews on targeted nutritional treatments, initially produced by such luminaries as Bob Buist, Jeffrey Bland, Henry Osiecki and the Metagenics team - along with the biennial - and now annual - International Clinical Nutrition conferences during that period - have enabled me to see the solutions to many problems that might have otherwise escaped my notice. 

 Not only that but also I find myself using our Frequency Specific deep tissue therapy more and more frequently these days due to its versatility and pain relieving properties.

Constantly researching, learning and refining his practise of Wellness Outcome™ methodology over that period of time, Phil believes that he have acquired the experience and knowledge to help to restore the health of his clients. 

 With the input of his daughter, Kirsty, we have developed the clinic over the past ten years to the diverse offering that is is today. Kirsty is current;y studying her Naturopathy degree and has installed many client-nurturing systems. And she is an excellent remedial masseuse.


*of pharmaceutical, organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry, pharmacognosy and pharmacology as well as basic physics and zoology and "rounded off" with an elective year in psychology. 

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