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We have listed here a number of the common complaints or health problems that we see in our practice. This list is by no means exhaustive. So, if you have a problem, but its not listed - don't worry. Our practitioners have wide experience and may be able to help.

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all articles written below have sound evidence bases - be it core knowledge from accredited texts, from case studies or clinical or laboratory studies that have been reported in peer-review journals.


·  I'm in constant pain

·  What is the cause of joint pain and what are my options for treatment?

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·  I want to detox NOW!!!!

·  I want to lose weight now!!!

·  Skin health

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·  My child has health problems

·  My child has infant reflux


























































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Are you just plain curious as to how

Have you ever wondered if there might be an answer
to your chronic illness? You know - a reason why you have 
diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, constant pain, type II high blood sugar levels with extreme thirst,
hypoglycaemia reddened and itchy skin, acne, prosiasis, painful joints, chronic back pain,
footballer's or runner's knees, thinning bones, arthritis and
even depression,? And why you haven't been told about a connection
with a common cause? Well, there most probably is. A reason, I mean. And we
call this reason the underlying cause(s).


Let me explain. You see... Over the years, we have
observed that there is a direct correlation between unhealthy food choices,
undernutrition and a host of chronic illnesses and even some auto-immune


So, we make it our business to try and determine
the underlying cause to your chronic illness and rectify it. Our approach
to your seemingly complicated problem may reduce inflammation,
enhance your immune system and allow you to return to complete health. Let
me explain.  

You see... we have developed over the years a
simple yet powerful way to treat chronic illness that is a work of art and
truly rewarding. One reason for our success is that we have a policy of treating the individual . In other words, our primary
driver is to identify, connect and correct the underlying causes that
could be leading to your ill health issue and not just treat you like a
number. That's because it has been our finding that two different people who
might appear with a similar major symptom may have vastly different physical
reasons why they feel the way they do. 

So, our motto is: "Treat the individual",
and "First, do no harm". That means to you that
enhancing your life situation is our primary concern. So, we need to
achieve two major objectives together: 

1.     treat your immediate discomfort and then 

2.     correct the underlying causes.   

And we address your nutritional, mental/emotional and physical aspects as they
can all lead to pain, fatigue and illness. Let me explain. 

You see... your crook knee or aching joint or blood
pressure or recurring illness or fatigue... are usually the tip of the iceberg.
Underneath, you might have a food allergy , leaky gut, over-refined, over-preserved or over-stored foods in
your life. Not to mention adrenal and mental exhaustion. As for the ‘crook' knee, it may have
degenerated as a result of septic foci - and that is treatable with Frequency
Specific Frequency Specific deep tissue therapy (FSM). In the case of food
allergy, you might be addicted to certain foods that would eventually become
toxins to your internal systems. In such cases, you need to seek
guidance on a healthy nutritional regime that is a pleasurable to follow
and could see your health restored for the rest of your life. We make
it our business to suit your palate, your purse or wallet in the treatment options
that we negotiate with you during the design phase.



Because we believe that it is better to take small
steps slowly on the journey to "wellness" and eventually get there
than to start off with massive regimes that are impossible to sustain and that
may eventually see you fall off the wagon, seeing your health decline to point
where it began where you began 12 months before. 

The most important result of our approach is that
we wish to determine the underlying cause of a chronic complaint. Only then can
we effectively treat the condition and move from a state of disease to a state
of Wellness. 


While this approach may take time, we hasten to add
that we have a policy of treating the symptoms immediately. In other words,
your current suffering may be alleviated by using both traditional and modern
methods, using herbs , non-traditional concentrated plant extracts, homoeopathy, Bach flowers, massage therapy, counselling and Frequency Specific deep tissue therapy (FSM)




This often doesn't happen quickly and easily. It
takes time to sift through all the variables in a patient's history and make
up. However, experience has shown that a short cut approach that just treats
the symptoms without understanding the causes will always fail after some
period of time and the symptoms will spring back, often worse. But that's not
to say that we don't treat your symptoms and make you feel comfortable. We do -
and we do that first.


I can't fall pregnant


Pregnancy is the end result of a healthy body's
absolute biological goal. That's how nature developed all living things. That
means that your reproductive system may respond to self-repair very well - provided your body's nutritional
reserves can set the right tone for a healthy pregnancy . For
this reason, infertility means that your general system is sick
and your biological alarm bells are ringing all over the place, not just
in your abdomen. So, fertility may be regained by addressing the fundamentals of self-healing. Let me explain. . .




Female Infertility can be caused by anything from a
simple infection in the fallopian tubes caused by yeast or bacteria or other
bothersome bugs, to cysts forming in the ovaries. They all sound pretty
scary, right? Wrong. It is our belief that your self-healing (or auto-immune ) system can be stimulated to heal these
issues if it has the right biological tools to do so. Further, there are forces
at work in today's polluted planet which actually irritate the ovaries and
cause these cysts to form, rendering you infertile. In fact, the same
pollutants are also, according to Dr John Lees the noted American Infertility
Researcher, the direct cause of the decline in male sperm production that has
occurred over the last seven decades. So, we set out to work on your immune
capability through health coaching, nutrition, herbs and homoeopathics, so that
eventually your biology can begin to return to biological normality. 




Find out more about the Immune System




How can you be sure that this might
work for you? 




Our system , that commenced in the seventies, is
mirrored by Foresight International in that successful pregnancies have
been achieved in over 80% of cases of diagnosed medical infertility. We believe
that our methods even improve on those of Foresight due to our ongoing original
researchand experience  in uncovering newer, more effective means of diagnosing and treating different aspects
of infertility through Wellness Outcome technology and may obtain positive results even in the
more difficult cases of dramatically low hormone levels. Our technology
stretches to innovations in natural substances. Such breakthroughs include
RyeVital  and Frequency Specific deep tissue therapy. 




Health of mother and baby




Our philosophy - and our long-haul experience
and results - leads us to believe that not only might you produce healthy
babies but also ensure that mothers health is as good as it can be. Using our
methods, babies are significantly heavier at birth, there are fewer
complications with vaginal deliveries, mothers have plenty of breast milk and
themselves experience great health and wellbeing.




 I want to improve my chances of a
pregnancy in the IVF programme. 




IVF pregnancies are still difficult to achieve. It
is our belief that it is imperative for you to improve your own health and that
of your reproductive system for a successful pregnancy. 




Out of four ladies in their late 30s or early 40s
who were booked into IVF and who came to us, we have so far had four first up




One lady even had healthy twins! 




Now, I know it's IVF and not a completely
"natural" pregnancy and I know what you're thinking. But before you
accuse us of taking short-cuts, let me assure you that these ladies only
"discovered" us long into their quest and long after they had already
committed themselves to the process of IVF. 




The point is that many IVF couples have multiple
tries before they succeed with a pregnancy. In all four cases (our ONLY
IVF-preparation cases) they ALL fell pregnant on the first go.




How did we do this amazing feat? 




Well, we find it relatively simple. We adhere to a
procedure that we have developed for normal fertility enhancement and modified
it to suit the clients circumstances. Actually, that in itself is our
"Normal" procedure even for difficult infertility cases -modifying a
fundamental plan to suit special cases, I mean. To us, that's the only way to
get results. 




That's because, as we state so often, dietary
surveys in Australia and the USA clearly show that the average mother-to-be is
already suffering a deficiency of some 30% of vital micronutrients on a daily




Why? It's all down to the quality of the food and
water supply. Over-refinement of foods, scarcity of mineral-rich spring water
in all major cities and towns compounded by exhausted farming soil in these
countries and others are directly reflected in your own body's composition and
nutrient reserves. 




Not only that, but also they directly impact on
your body's tendency to asthma, eczema and many other health issues listed
under "common complaints". Especially when you add food allergy
incidents, which themselves are becoming seemingly more common. And finally
they impact on your energy levels. 




A Nutritionist
will be able to tell you what's what in this department!




So, by using some fundamentals of Functional
, we set out to change the internal cellular health of
your body for the better. 




A word of warning: While guessing a deficiency by
taking a multivitamin is OK, remember that you will need to ensure that your
diet is rich in at least the Top 50 Nutrients on a daily basis, using targeted nutrition  to ensure perfect health. What is
that? They comprise common ones that you have heard of and ones with really
weird names. But astonishingly, they are all required by every cell in your
body. To be brutally honest, you will need to supplement with these in order to
achieve saturation of your body's nutrient reserves. Not only that, but
also We have devised a special mineral capsule with the 78 known minerals
and trace elements that actually help your cells to regulate self and therefore
may allow self-healing of your ovaries, tubes and uterus and may potentially become feretile. The incredible Frequency
Specific, Frequency Specific deep tissue therapy (FSM) has frequencies specific
for ovaries, uterus and all other So, if you want to become healthy and stay
that way, I would recommend our pregnancy and breastfeeding pack, as devised by
collaboration with our associate Janette Roberts
(author of The Natural Way to Better Babies). 




Contact us to
find out more about our specific pre-conception programs
are designed to help you. 




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My psoriasis is destroying my social




The Merck Manuals definition of psoriasis can be
summarised by saying that Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease where your skin
cells don't slough off as they are meant to. It is often associated with
inflammation elsewhere in the body which may also be caused by pockets of




Treatment with naturopathic medicine often produces
positive outcomes. That is because we treat the underlying causes as well as
the actual symptoms and signs of scaly skin build-up.




In the case of psoriasis, the underlying causes in
our clinical experience are usually quite varied and need a truly holistic
approach. The specific condition is best treated with Wade's Skin
Treatment Cream combined with skin-friendly washes. We tend to favour cleansers
using a vegetable oil emulsion - rather than petroleum-based ones - or a
specific dermal cleanser, such as the one made by Metagenics in the
Traditional Chinese method. If you  would like us to assist you in helping
to overcome your psoriasis, we will send you an information pack for no charge.

In this, you will find that the questions that we
ask actually help you to see yourself as you really are. But better still, when
we asses this information, we try to give you an insight on the key
underlying causes for your condition and from that we work out a possible
remission that could last for years.


 Ask about our assessment pack and our recommendation for
immediate skin treatment. 




Contact us to
for more information about psoriasis




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I've tried everything but can't lose




Being fat is not funny, yet the joke's on us. That
joke is that you do what you're told by the experts and yet you still get fat.
Why? Simple. Those same experts have been telling you for years that
carbohydrates don't make you fat. We have always understood the opposite and
this gives us our clue on how to reverse overweight permanently. The truth is
profound and yet simple. So, our stunningly effective clinical weight loss
system is the way to go. All we need from you is a regular visit so that we can
weigh and measure you and coach you on the ideal food plan. With this system -
and only this system - you may achieve a golden state of forming new, healthy
and rewarding habits that ensure that you can remain at your ideal weight




Our real secret is that we are able to estimate
your required calorie goals, tell you what foods are compatible with your
phenotype, see how your cellular health is progressing, your precise body
composition and finally, your biological age. 




If you live far from us, we can still give you a
lot of these parameters with a bit of co-operation from you.




Find out more
about permanent weight loss




Contact us to
arrange a clinical weight loss program




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I'm in pain every day 




Pain has many sources and many causes. It may have
been a fall many years ago, a bad lift, a motor vehicle accident, a sporting
injury, a fracture, a form of arthritis or a gradually worsening pain from
chronic fatigue or some weird viral infection. It may be recent or could be
long term. It may have happened suddenly or could be a gradual onset of pain. 




Whatever sort of pain it is, we can now offer the
hope of relief by treating its cause, using Frequency
Specific Frequency Specific deep tissue therapy (FSM)
underpin our other powerful treatments which on their own can often make a
profound difference to your pain and its cause. That means Frequency Specific
deep tissue therapy (FSM) has the ability to accelerate natural healing
processes in its own right. It is highly recommended for any pain no matter
what causes it. Read more about pain. 




Contact us to
arrange a pain relief program




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I have Severe PMS 




PMS is a vexatious issue. Our success with this
debilitating condition addressing fundamental health issues as well as using
specific herbal and homoeopathic medicines has been encouraging to say the
least. It has been our finding that most symptoms of PMS can be at least
dramatically improved using our methods. 




It is our aim to improve your health right across
the board at the same time as reducing the actual symptoms. 




It is this approach using Functional
which may improve your health right across the board at
the same time as possibly reducing the actual symptoms. 




One of the key factors in PMS is inflammation and
swellings (cysts) in your ovaries. This causes an imbalance of oestrogen to
appear in your general system. It is my contention that, as the function of
oestrogen is to make cells grow faster, then all the cells in your body that
normally replace themselves regularly will do so more rapidly. This
proliferation of cells will occur particularly in every area of the body that
is lined with surface (epithelial) cells (as well as other organs). These are
all of the tracts and ducts and cells lining the gut wall and also perhaps the abdomen
itself. This leads to inflammation and discomfort. 




If that's not bad enough, oestrogen also has the
function of saving minerals from being excreted from the kidneys. The resulting
build-up of minerals in the bloodstream causes fluid to accumulate there and
also in other tissue in the body. This leads to bloating. Another cause of the
bloating is possibly candida, caused by yet another set of factors in the
body's environment. The oral contraceptive may also amplify some of these




Using the functional medicine approach, our
naturopath-nutritionist can address all of the factors contributing to the
underlying issues which cause the discomfort and hope to reduce the symptoms as
a result. Using our systematic approach is the best way to effect an eventual
wellness outcome with this type of uncomfortable complaint. 




Contact us to
arrange a consultation




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My Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is
killing me 




P.I.D. is the cruellest of all female disorders. It
involves total inflammation of the pelvic organs. It is agonising. 




Thanks to recent, dramatic of breakthroughs in naturopathic
treatments , this excruciating illness can be well treated. Our clinic has put
together a regime which has so far produced an amazing result beyond our
expectations for both speed and depth of change. 




Contact us to
arrange a P.I.D. consultation




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I'm approaching Menopause 




Menopause is not described in herbal books as it is
not counted as a disease state by Naturopaths. Indeed, Mayan and African tribal
women do not experience any discomfort or symptoms of menopause. So why do our




The only difference really is the quality and
balance of nutrition, water and food. For example, many vital nutrients
required for normal bodily activity are practically non-existent in our day to
day lives. 




We call this under-nutrition. 




We at the Lane Cove Wellness Centres carefully
analyse your individual nutritional background and advise you on how to try to
make up the difference. 




Contact us to
arrange a consultation




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I have a tumour




It is illegal for a naturopath (herbalist, nutritionist or homoeopath) to treat cysta and fibrous growths. It is however, both legal and
desirable - not to mention humane - for qualified naturopaths to treat people
who have cysta and fibrous growths. And that's what we do. Naturally, we work hand in hand
with medical practitioners to improve the lot of the hapless sufferer. This has
proven to be a very successful synergy.




So, just how can we help?


Firstly, we can relieve pain with a fully accredited, TGA-approved, specific frequency, deep tissue device that has a proven record.


Secondly, we can help to improve circulation, preventing embolisms from forming and so improving the comfort level of patients. Also, many nutritional groups, including concentrated extracts from traditional foods such as turmeric, saffron and others, inhibit platelet aggregation, a real positive when stopping the growth and spread of cysta and fibrous growths.


Thirdly, we can offer treatments to generate a significant increase in white blood cell activity, a further aid in inhibiting its spread of cysta and fibrous growths.


Next, some herbs encourage apoptosis . This means natural cell death. You see, if you can induce a cysts and fibrous growths cell to die
off, it is the same as employing a pharmaceutical agent to kill it - without
the side effects. John Boik, a medical practitioner specialising in this area,
in his book cysts and fibrous growths & Natural Medicine (Oregon Medical Press, 1995) goes
into these areas and many others all of which are concerned with the natural
inhibition of cysts and fibrous growths one way or another. The book also stresses the benefits of
some natural therapies on eliminating side-effects of radio and chemotherapy.
Many other medical and non-medical health researchers have come up with similar
findings over the past 20-3- years. We can offer these therapies. 


Next comes the question of bacterial infection in tumour sites that is a common, painful and distressing side effect of cysts and fibrous growths sufferers. We can offer natural treatments to help reduce infection
- whether they are surface infections, such as Karposi's Sarcoma or internal
tumours. For surface infections, we make our own Skin Treatment Cream , that also has application in acne and psoriasis.


New frequencies for pain mitigation can also improve the comfort level of patients, the number one breakthrough being an electronic pulse therapy as mentioned above, called Frequency Specific Frequency Specific deep tissue therapy (FSM).




                                                       Contact us to
arrange a consultation to help with your immune system or pain




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Wheezy chest, Rhinitis, Itchy and reddened skin 




The Atopic
Triad of Wheezy chest, Rhinitis, Itchy and reddened skin remains the biggest challenge of traditional herbal medicine. Luckily, recent innovations in this field and nutritional medicine have made it possible to expect a much better wellness outcome for these conditions.




Click here to
see a related article




Wheezy chest 


Complementary medicine has lots to offer in helping
to treat the symptoms, the underlying causes and hopefully working towards a
state of wellness with this condition.


Many issues of the lungs, including asthma, respond
well to natural therapy. Naturally, your first objective is to have this
condition properly controlled using medical help if necessary. Once it has been
stabilised, herbal, homoeopathic and nutritional medicine are well placed to then
build your health profile to aim for a wellness outcome.


Itchy and reddened skin


This vexatious condition can respond well to the approach we follow using complementary medicine. The important point to remember is that you need some patience in going through the process necessary to achieve a wellness outcome. That is because we need to not only treat the symptoms of eczema (the inflammation and the itch) but also we need to identify and tackle the underlying causes (as with all of our treatments of chronic illnesses).








Treating the symptoms with herbal medicine is the easy part. We must emphasise again however that in order to reduce your tendency to contract this dis-ease, it is important to undergo a complete wellness programme.




This approach may prevent the long-term use of antihistamines and steroidal pharmaceuticals like Beclomethasone with its associated damaging side-effects which medium to long term use can produce.




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Contact us to arrange a Consultation




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Sinus congestion is my bugbear




congested sinuses is another chronic dis-ease which can
debilitate hapless sufferers for most of their lives. It is another case where
conventional medical treatment options are limited. By using our exclusive
herbal formulation to help eliminate the symptoms and also being able to help
improve the immune system for overall resistance to future attacks, it is our
belief that our regime is second to none. Another product that we can provide
to you is our in-house product called RyeVital drops. This is a plant extract
(Secale cereale) administered in drop form. The constituents of this plane have
properties that are said to be immunomodulatory as well as being able to reduce
inflammation, reduce pain and help your body to eliminate harmful bacteria
and viruses.  




Click here to see a related article LEAKY GUT




Contact us to arrange a Consultation




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