antibiotic herbs

By Phil Wade, Pharmacist and
Naturopath, Lane Cove


New hope for repeated antibiotic users

Antibiotic resistance
may be a thing of the past. And there may be an alternative for 'flu treatments
and the various bugs that invade the ears, noses, throats or chests and that
often kids "bring home" from child care or school. It has now been proven that
certain herbs may reverse antibiotic resistance. And even treat mild infections
on their own in some cases. And it's as simple as ABC.

Now, Natural Medicine can come to your aid. In fact, recent research
shows that some herbs actually
do have an antibiotic-like action but without unpleasant side effects. But
the really big news is that a number
of herbs have been shown to actually reverse resistance of bacteria to existing
antibiotics, interfering with the five mechanisms of resistance that bacteria
employ. So they can be co-prescribed
with great benefit. ('Optimal' conference, May, 2015, Woolloomooloo). We
have one spectacular case study in our clinic. Our patient is a long-term
antibiotic user who has a chronic urinary tract infection. Recent cultures show
that, following their use, she is no
longer resistant to ANY antibiotic, after previously being resistant to all but
one. (Full details available on request).

That is absolutely earth-shattering news
and music to a pharmacist/naturopath's ears!

But it gets
better. Two homoeopathic medicines have also been proven, in a recent major children's
study in Mexico, to be effective as both treatment and also immunisation for
colds and 'flu. They are Anas barbarae
and Haemophilus influenzae (both must be in specific strengths to mirror those


To find out how quickly or otherwise these may help you, why not drop
in and make a quick appointment? It will cost about the same as the Health
Funds reimburse you for a Naturopath visit, and may save you a lot of time and
grief. Why? Because we can prescribe a blended herbal combination that may suit
your symptoms and also include healthy
strategies that may actually "clear" your chest and treat the infection in the
early stages.

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breast feeding; more vitality for study; or even more vitality in your Golden

So why
wouldn't you adopt targeted herbs and other natural therapy? You know it makes

My guarantee
is that I work to the latest evidence.
Phil Wade


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