Iridology is a perfect example of where art meets science. It as a helpful health assessment tool that has been studied and practised for many decades. 

It was discovered by a little boy who used to look into the eyes of his pet owl on a regular basis. One day the owl fell off its perch and broke its leg. Bernard Jensen noticed that a distinct mark appeared in its eye. Doctor Bernard Jensen then noted other medical conditions and health challenges in a similar way later on in his professional life. We now have the Jensen Chart to assist  you in noting health issues in various organs, and any changes that may occur when you implement our comprehensive health restoration proposal with natural medicine.

Your highly trained practitioner will then present these findings in his/her overall report of findings, that will include the results of our unique blend other tests, examinations and a simple questionnaire. 

Iridology then goes a long way to your practitioner determining what natural medicines will help your immediate health and also to check on progress. There is no better fun as apractitioner than to note healthy changes and Iridology is one of our assessment tools to this end.

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