Complementary Medicine

Complementary medicine is a natural therapy approach which is just that - it is designed to complement orthodox medicine. And in some cases, such as chronic illness - it may even replace it.

How? Because natural therapies rely for their success on treating all symptoms, and in a structured way. Not just your "major issue". And this is especially true of long-standing illness as well as recent trauma. But what does it mean? It means that underlying conditions could lead to several systems in your body becoming affected, and it is not until you treat these that you can expect the symptoms to stop. If you just "hammer down" the symptoms with drugs or surgery only, then you are really only achieving short term relief. In such cases the dis-ease will most probably recur. And you already know that - that's why you are reading this article.

So, just what do you have to do to address the underlying causes? We discuss this fully in the Introduction to Wellness chapter. Yes, tis process may take quite a while. Meanwhile, natural medicine may also be able tohelp with your symptoms.

Perhaps a specific example might help.

You see... eliminating the symptoms is a real possibility using herbal medicine, homoeopathy , nutritional medicine and Microcurrent deep tissue therapy. These modalities - either singly or combined - sometimes have a surprising effect in reducing symptoms. They can make you, the client comfortable and cheerful while we investigate and possibly treat the underlying causes.

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