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Pain Management – synergism through combinations is the key.

1)    A major breakthrough in management of chronic pain in our natural therapy clinic is the discovery that the combining of seemingly ineffectual herbs such as olive, rosemary and hops produces a profound effect in pain mitigation.

2)    The finding that by using potent drugs in combination, worked into highly-absorbent bases  and applied straight to the site, is another dramatic breakthrough in the treatment of excrutiating pain, mainly because this technique means that you do not experience side-effects of the medication. So, treating high grade, acute pain without side effects is now possible using our special combinations in compounded ointments.

3)     Combining either of the above with frequency specific  deep tissue treatments has produced amazing results and these results can be duplicated repeatedly.


The results of the breakthrough, information-packed congress on natural management of chronic pain at the Gold Coast have stood the test of time. At this conference were presented the very latest findings of ongoing research out of the labs of Metagenics USA and also an independent research facility in Antwerp, Belgium.

More recently, I also learnt that it is possible to treat excrutiating pain successfully using special ointment bases that I can prepare in the lab that can deliver the most potent pain killers right at the site of pain without the side effects that you would normally experience if you were to take the pain killers orally.

When I add these techniques to Frequency Specific treatments, I find that not only can I reduce the pain but also I can often correct the underlying cause of the pain - be it a swollen spinal disc or a fibrosed facet joint, rheumatic joints, a torn muscle or a deep-seated infection of some virus (like EBV), bacteria such as Strep or Staph or a deep-seated candida infection.

Chronic pain - Natural Treatment

I have to tell you that the natural relief of chronic pain is very exciting because it is real. It is exciting because now you can take herbal combinations that have a similar effect to potent pharmaceuticals, such as ibuprofen, but without the side effects. Much of the research has been conducted on real people, because these otherwise harmless natural therapies and techniques can be practised on individuals safely. So please take the time to read the report because it not only describes the nature of pain and inflammation but also tells you how to experience massive relief without fear of side effects or adverse reactions that are experienced by taking oral doses of almost all current medication. Not only that but also it will potentiate the effects of medication if necessary, meaning that you can take smaller doses of pharmaceuticals but obtain the same effect.

Acute, excrutiating pain

Topically applied ultra-potent compounded pain killers. Very low, if any, side effects.

In our lab, we have devised ways to deliver ultra potent pain killers right to the site of pain without experiencing side effects normally attributed to these medications when taken orally or by injection. That's right - now you can use safely, extremely potent anaesthetic drugs both singly and in combination, in collaboration with your doctor. We can achieve that because we use special absorbent bases that deliver the drugs right to the site of pain in concentrations of up to 50 times greater that by taking the drug orally but practically no systemic effects. How does this happen? Because you get very little blood level of the drug this way as the final dose used per treatment is actually quite small compared to an oral dose. Sweet! 

 Frequency specific deep tissue treatments. 

FSM is also an amazing, side-effect-free treatment that can be added to either of the above options.

Has someone told you that your pain is psychological? It is wrong to make that assumption when your pain is “getting you down” – making you emotionally depressed. The fact is that long-term (chronic) pain can lead to brain exhaustion - aka depression - it is not the other way around! But there is a new technique that can prevent this from happening. The next step of "psychoanalysis" is to suggest that you are imagining your pain for your own reasons (attention-seeking or avoiding work, school etc).  I have a client who was in the highest level of pain imaginable who was told by the psychiatrist at a hospital’s pain management clinic that she was even beginning to imagine pain that was not there.  The silly thing was that In her case, the pain was real and easily demonstrable by the simplest neurological examination. Certainly, the psychiatrist's "opinion" caused massive turmoil in the family and with the poor schoolgirl but luckily, we were able to put that right. But it did take two years of this sort of hell before they found our clinic. 

But that's not the sort of depression that we are referring to here. The chronic pain is causing your supplies of pain-desensitising, happy hormone (serotonin)  to become exhausted by constant demand. That factor can certainly make your nerves work less efficiently, giving you a condition called "central nervous depression".

And that can be remedied. And naturally. It turned out that my schoolgirl patient was in the most severe pain from joint sepsis (infection) that followed an undiagnosed fracture and led to other complications.

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