Wade's Vitamin/mineral 78/12

Wade’s Vitamin Powder 

Please note we make this for you in fresh batches weekly. This unique vitamin contains all vitamins and 78 trace minerals that are said to be biologically required. We take great pains to ensure that they are in balance with your body's actual absorption requirements.

 Why do you need to supplement? Food can no longer supply all of the minerals needed for health because the topsoil has been severely depleted by poor farming practises. Why? In Australia the average topsoil depth is about 1.5 cm. By contrast, in Europe it is about1.6 metres. This is where trace minerals normally reside. In truth, the water supply should be rich also in trace elements after rainwater washes through the soil into our underground streams and river systems. Clearly, that doesn't happen any more. The problem is that neither of those sources can supply adequately your minimun health requirement. That is why you need to take a multivitamin supplement. And if that is the case, it should be a good one, complete with all the required minerals, in reduced, colloidal form, well balanced and in MDR doses.     Why is balance important? Achieving the correct balance of micronutrients is critical in order to deliver the perfect uptake in the body.The reason for this is that your body needs all the vitamins and trace elements in proportion to actual absorption requirements. Otherwise, you can finish up with an overload of some and a deficiency of others. This can play havoc with your health. You see … cells need vitamins – and minerals – in abundance and evenly distributed in order to make them function efficiently. 

Absorption. Now it happens that many of us have a new epidemic silent illness caused leaky gut. So, if you want optimal absorption ability of any of your healthy foods, you would be wise to get your leaky gut checked. 

The minerals act as catalysts in thousands of different enzymes and are needed in every single chemical reaction that occurs in every one of your 50 trillion cells. Some 24,000 approximately chemical reactions are occurring in any one cell at any instant so that you can build healthy structures like bone and healthy nerve cells and strong muscle fibres etc. If your vitamin reserves are deficient then many of these processes simply do not occur. That’s when ill health commences.Yes, it happens slowly at first – imperceptibly. Yes – youth can mask some of these symptoms – but by no means all.

In an address to the American Senate in 1934, it was revealed that researchers had already established that, due to soil depletion from over-farming, many trace elements were simply not appearing in food and that a man could eat "a belly-full" of fruit and vegetables and still not hope to receive the same vital nutrients that "our forefathers did" in a normal serving. It was further stated that vitamins would simply not work without these important minerals,

 Fatigue. And yes – the common symptom from this depletion of micro-nutrients is fatigue. Fatigue will be associated with just about every chronic illness.But, as the US senate was told all those decades ago, vitamins alone are not responsible for these issues.Minerals are also needed – and many more minerals than are usually recognised as being useful to these same cellular chemical processes.That’s why our multivitamin powder also contains traces of all 78 minerals that are derived from natural, pure sources – not just the few commonly known ones that appear in commercial multivitamins.You will see what I mean when you start taking them.

Finally I should mention that you also need the correct amount and balance of fats and oils as well as good quality, compatible protein.

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