Wade's Mineral Capsules


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Please note we can only make these up for you after we have assessed your symptoms.

These contain not only minerals but also the added nutrients that minerals require in order to be absorbed well. Such nutrients include Vitamin D3 and Citrus Bioflavonoids. They contain a 2:1 balance of calcium and magnesium as well as about 70 other trace elements that your body’s enzyme systems require to keep driving those chemical reactions that make you healthy, strong and energetic. Maintenance:They contain all the minerals that your food and water supply lack, so that one to two capsules per day (depending on bodyweight and growth factors) should maintain good health when coupled with a typical low-mineral supply that Australia presents. However, if you are already mineral deficient like 70% of Australians (according to the Australian Dietary Surveys), you will be experiencing already the effects of that mineral deficiency. These effects are similar to vitamin deficiency symptoms but especially affect your bone formation, muscle function (including heart muscle and arterial muscle) and strength – not to mention puberty-onset illnesses.

 Factors affecting absorption of vitamins and minerals include food allergy and leaky gut.


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