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The Wellness Clinic anaxed to our pharmacy offers a full range of complementary medicine services that include:

Naturopath Wellness consultations

Remedial, therapeutic massage

CPAP Sleep Apnoea consultations and supply of equipment

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Phil Wade is a scientific Naturopath and Pharmacist with 39 years experience. Phil sees the naturopath's role as endeavouring to obtain a wellness outcome™ by investigating and then eliminating the underlying causes that lead to the presenting condition. Not only that but also he has good command of naturopathic 'tools' to attempt to knock down the immediate symptoms and get his clients feeling comfortable in their own skin while he is working away. He believes that if he works hard to improve your health then your own powers of self-healing  can help you to overcome many ill health issues. Phil specialises in:

people who seek Preconception care;

He also enjoys success in helping with: 

These issues are often the result of poor food adaptation and selection and a resultant inadequate nutritional balance. His protocols are advanced as he employs: 

    • functional medicine,

    • herbal medicine,

    • homoeopathy,

    • therapeutic massage and

    • the amazing deep bodywork technique that Phil has developed.

    • Phil uses several tests that include: 

    • Microscopic live blood observation  - the window to inside you; 

    • Comprehensive electronic wellness screening method as well as 

    • Urinary Indicans ("leaky gut") screening, 

Our team can help you with a recent, acute illness (such as cold or flu or allergy) as well as a longer-term chronic illness. Let me explain. 

You see...the concept of Wellness is becoming more apparent as the incidence of chronic illness increases in our society. Every time you turn on the morning television, there seems to be a "fresh report" that the incidence of some ill-health issue or other is on the increase.

It might be health challenges with blood glucose levels, lung function, healthy brain function, constant tiredness, coronary artery health improvement, obesity, heart ill-health issue, osteoporosis, joint health, hip or knee health, prostate fibrous growths and various types of tumourspimples and other skin issues - the list goes on. To us, the attainment of Wellness is a clear vision. It is the attainment of a state of health that gives you added energy, an ability of the body to self-heal and an absence of discomfort and pain. So, how do you achieve wellness? We approach this question by examining your own technique of yourself via interview and
our unique questionnaire system that analyses your body, system by biological system. We then subject you to a detailed physical exam - including iridology - and then run a battery of wellness tests that you don't normally find. These include Hemaview live blood technique, health assessment protocol (body composition and health assessment), leaky gut test, post-prandial blood glucose (as well as fasting), detailed face, tongue, nail diagnosis and also listen to the story of your life as related to your condition.

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