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Breast feeding is at once a subject that is almost too complicated to discuss without using it as a PhD thesis, yet so simple, effective and beneficial that it hardly rates discussion about a yes-no decision.

Jan (Wade) breast fed our four children. She claims to be 5' 2 " (157.5 cm) and is probably exaggerating, and was 6 stone 9 lbs (42.3 Kg) when we got married. Yet she had abundant milk supplies for our four children. Yet the taller, heavier generation of women these days are running into difficulties on the breast feeding front, so to speak. There is a simple explanation for this. let me explain...

Composition of breast milk 

You see, breast milk is mostly made of a very special type of protein called globulin. This protein has been produced in special glands that have the ability to make it specifically so that it may kill a wide range of bacteria and fungi, on the one hand, and provide a perfect composition for producing human tissue, on the other.

Killing Bacteria

Colostrums, the concentrated breast milk that appears in the first few days, is especially fortified with these beneficial factors. But it doesn't stop there. It also contains a complete range of minerals that you obtain out of your diet of good food and water that are themselves abundant in supplies of minerals, vitamins and fresh plant products. The milk that follows is almost equally efficient. But here's where the trouble starts.

Enough water?

Firstly, you are exposed far more to beverages than when the Jans were girls. That means, more sugar, colourings, alcohol and caffeine, less water and fewer minerals. So, now your body has water circulating in your blood that is more concentrated by such additives and is less available to make breast milk. Glands can only take water from the bloodstream to perform this task if blood is not too concentrated. To make matters worse, that milk will also be poorer in nutrient minerals.

Enough minerals?

You thought that was bad enough? Well, it gets worse. Town water in many large cities (like Sydney) is often deficient in minerals compared to, say, European river water that is rich in minerals. That means that pregnant and breast-feeding mums - as well as mums who are planning to fall pregnant -  will start to run drastically short of these essential, health-giving minerals as they are diverted to the baby.  

Mineral/vitamin supplement

But it gets worse. Foods these days just don't have the same nutritional 'punch' that they once had due to over-refinement, storage and processing. That's why we now make our own multivitamin/mineral preparation and green smoothie. You see... you should be taking daily a trace of all 78 minerals available in nature and in varied but balanced amounts. As there is no satisfactory supplement on the market, and being a compounding chemist, I decided to make my own. If you would like to try them or simply want more info, then please contact us.

Protein in food

The other problem with food these days is television. I know that's a cryptic statement and I will explain what I mean. To you, TV is a great communicator and educator. The trouble is, the 'education' is often biased or overly trendy. Especially the nutritional education. There is far too little emphasis on correct balance between protein, fats and carbohydrates. Oh dear! did I mention 'fat'? That's what I mean - TV people would have you believe that fat is toxic and to be avoided at all cost, and protein - well they nwould have you believe that if it doesn't come in fish then it must be for bad people.

The truth is that you need about a 30:40:30 ratio between proteins, carbohydrate foods and fats/oils. And when you are breast feeding or growing a baby, the emphasis must be on proteins and fats - but the right sort of fats/oils - but nor forgetting ample helpings of fresh fruit and vegetables (pesticide free, of course). In fact, we also make our own oil to ensure that you get that important part of dietary intake right as well. And good quality proteins at that.

We advise our clients according to their phenotype as well as other considerations of lifestyle, such as circumstances and cultural regimes. But we get the balance right.

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