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Congratulations. You are pregnant and hopefully, loving it. Like preconception and breast feeding nutrition, you can improve your chances of having a healthy baby. The WHO stipulates certain minimum daily requirements of micronutrients like calcium(2,000mg), magnesium (1200mg) and many other minerals and vitamins. The Australian Dietary Survey shows that we are not getting those minimums on a daily basis. It is impossible to get them all in one pill like Elevit. That's why we suggest preconcention, pregnancy and breastfeesing programmes.  Evidence of effects of folic acid deficiency:

You will have probably been informed by now that a full term pregnancy runs for nine months. What you might not have been told is the effect that sound nutrition may have on the healthy growth of the baby.

Let me explain... You see... In the 'nutrition' link above, you will have seen that food and water can vary in its micronutrient content. You need 78 minerals in abundance and balance just to start with. We all know these days that nutritional deficiency will impact directly on the healthy growth of your baby - and also on your own health. But did you know just how much your nutritional requirement jumps as soon as you fall pregnant? The bottom line is that you have to start ensuring healthy bone formation  and a generally healthy body right now.

Not only that but also, because the growing embryo demands all sorts of nutrients, it is remarkable how quickly your own micronutrient reserves may be diverted to the growing baby at your own expense, if your nutritional input is inadequate. I am not just talking about the quantity of food that you eat, but more about the quality.

Quality food

You see, food (that is, food that is grown in mineral-nurtured soil and without artificial pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones and weed killer) may generally vary enormously in its vitamin and mineral content - depending on the type of soil that grows it. But even the best quality food with the richest possible supply of minerals cannot provide all of your minerals. Why? because city water rarely contains sufficient trace elements. That means to you that before our ancestors started living in cities, they always depended on rich, mineral spring waters to supplement the 'mineral load' of food.

And food was much richer and fresher back then. 

Do off-the-shelf packs like Elevit cut the mustard? Do they contain 78 minerals? You be the judge.

You will also notice that we advise abundant servings of fruit, salads and vegetables to go with the proteins, fats and other carbohydrate foods. And how important it is to select 'low-reactive' foods.

Quality water

That means to you that your total minerals need to be topped up with local water. The trouble is that - due to their nature - many dams do not provide mineral-rich water as they do in Europe, and are particularly poor in many parts of Australia, America and Asia.


That's why so-called pregnancy supplements appear on the market. While most of these may be rich in a few basic elements required for the healthy growth of the baby, none can boast to be complete in ALL the minerals required. That's why we have devised a standard Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Pack containing our own compounded, conplete and balanced multivitamin - either stand-alone or in a nutritionally-rounded smoothie - to complement much needed nutrient intake that is explained in the pack.

Wade's Multivitamin Powder and capsules 

Phil has formulated a multivitamin/mineral powder food supplement that contains all 78 minerals that are thought to be required for human health, all proportionately represented according to what your body requires, as well as all of the vitamins, again in proportion to absorption requirements. We can and do supply this on demand and so will always have a jar handy if you need it.  

Folic Acid

You occasionally hear of individual vitamins or folic acid. This nutrient determines healthy DNA production and formation of a healthy baby in the first trimester. And we include this in our pack. But you need to understand that this micronutrient works directly in concert with magnesium zinc, B6, that in turn work side be side with calcium, chromium, molybdenum, B12 ... and the list goes on. So, you need complete nutrition - not just picking out the odd one or two vitamins or minerals that have made the news bulletins.

Pregnancy Pack

Please feel free to contact us for our Pregnancy Pack - that gives you all of the other help you may need in your pregnancy.   Call Kirsty or me at

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