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Underlying causes of illnesses that linger on - and perhaps slowly become worse - can be narrowed down surprisingly to a few key conditions. that may be addressed and rectified. The illnesses might involve such issues as: washed-out feelings of fatigue; abdominal bloating with pain; recurring headaches; reflux; painful joints from old accidents; sleeplessness; mood swings; depression and a dozen or so other non-life treatening conditions but debilitating nonetheless. That's because the key conditions have the ability affect all other bodily systems. And when such systems fail, then your health fails. Let me explain...

Our finding in the office has been that most ongoing fatigue cases are apparently caused by - usually - old infections of the Eppstein Barr virus (mononucleosis or Glandular Fever). In many mature-age women that I am seeing, we can track back the incidence of infection to anything from a couple of years to the teen years. Sometimes to childhood years.

How do we deal with this?

Firstly by eating compatible foods(contact us for a list of foods that suit you) and make sure that your body receives an abundance of correctly balanced vitamins and minerals daily by supplementing with our multivitamin/mineral powder and zinac capsules. If your tissue reserves do not have this abundance, then your immune system may never be able to fight off the virus.

You see... your body needs to be able to process nutrients from the outside environment efficiently, enjoyably and in a controlled manner. Yes, I am mainly referring to your digestive system here and its inherent toughness and its own protective systems.

That means to you that constant insults upon this tough system will eventually wear it down, so to speak, inevitably causing a condition called 'leaky gut', as large areas of damaged membrane in the gastro-intestinal tract is commonly known.  Not only will you absorb nutrient poorly from food and drinks, but also some food will adopt the guise of a 'foreign body' to your immune defense system, triggering off a set of inflammatory responses in specialised cells, right inside your gut membrane. This effect may enhance greatly any tendency to gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, coeliac and also food allergy. Our approach is aimed at eliminating these problems - enjoyably.

So, immune flare-up will in turn lead to the formation of visceral fat or abdominal obesity. Once in this state, the fat becomes very difficult to remove and requires specialised nutritional planning to do so. I am afraid that 'quickie' Tv snack-pack solutions won't cut it in the long run. An approach that does nor address the central issue will certainly gain a short term solution but there will be an inevitable 'bounce-back' of fat deposits.

But the even worse problem this leads to is chronic illness. Chronic illness can also be triggered by an exhaustion of your immune system by other causes - for instance glandular fever or mononucleosis (or 'mono').

But where does 'enjoyable' come into all this? Well, that's easy - any food that your body can digest easily you will enjoy. And we take great pleasure in pointing you in the right direction.

Other challenges to your immune system occurs at puberty and also pregnancy.


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