Pharmacy services

The range of services in our pharmacy is second to none.  At your disposal are the following:

 Flu Vaccinations

This pharmacy is an accredited vaccination destination. We offer the trivalent and quadrivalent 'flu vaccine. 

Who should have it?

Firstly, those who are unfortunate enough to be suffering "chronic" (onging) illnesses, such as: diabetes, blood pressure, heart complaints, asthma or other chrnic lung illnesses, such as emphysema. 

Secondly, those who are in a "high risk" workplace, such as health care workers.

We are also concerned about the sick and the elderly, childcare employees and others at similar risk. Trekkers and other overseas travellers who would be inconvenienced by getting the 'flu. And highly-trained athletes always seem at risk when travelling, especially to a world games live-incommunity, such as the Olympics and Commonwealth games, and players of contact or collision sports.

you don't need a prescription for a pharmacist to vaccinate you - just turn up!


The pharmacist will check yur medical history, especially allergies to egg yolk. It is said that one in a million people suffer a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine and that's why our pharmacy always carries an epipen - just in case.


Webster Packs

What is a Home Medication Pack?

This pack is made up weekly by our pharmacist containing all the medication that your doctor prescribes and can be divided into four dosage times per day. It is like a dosette but it can be adjusted weekly and can be delivered to your door if you can't pick it up. Not only that but also we can put your prescribed medication and needed vitamins* in it .

If your memory is fading a little or you are in a busy role at work, remembering whether or not you took your dose of blood pressure medication, for exaple, can sometimes be a problem. If you forget, you're disadvantaged. If you double up, you're even worse off.

So why not just ask us to pre-pack your fortnight's - or evcen month's - supply of medications in a foolproof memory pack that gives you ultimate peace of mind? And you will be healthier for it.

Just as an added health benefit, you can add our lab-made complete multivitamin/mineral capsules. Click here to check out the benefits of receiving all 78 minerals and 12 vitamins in balanced ratios. And then feel the difference!

You have the choice of home medication packs or Nursing Home packs.

Home Medication Packs 

 The home medication packs (HMPs) are now entirely free, and are designed like memory-aids.

 *   The importance of vitamins and especially trace elements may be underestimated in the elderly. Deficiency osteoporosis is becoming commonplace and is so easily corrected with our MVM capsules (compounded by Phil to your requirements). And there is a lot more to vitamin deficiencies. Did you know that the Australian Dietary Survey shows that around 70% of Australians are suffering under-nutrition from lack of vitamins, minerals or essential proteins and fats? Please check them out by clicking "vitamins".

Who needs a Home Medication Pack?

Anybody who has a problem with remembering to take their medicine on time. You might be a busy executive, living alone or suffering a little memory loss. Either way, for not much more than the price of a cup of coffee a week, it's good insurance against stroke, heart attack, some forms of dementia or any of the other things that can go wrong if you forget to take your medicine regularly.

Nursing Home service

We have a different style of pack for nursing homes and these are a joy to pack because we know that they are such a great help to the dedicated nurses, freeing up their time to nurture their patients. Jan and Kirsty's famous "Florence Nightingale" rounds delight our nurse clients every day and they have a lot of fun interacting with the beautiful nurses on their 'run'. And they can usually call their individual patients by their first name.

Jan's dedication to this task is legendary amongst our nursing home clients.


We have up to five pharmacists in the place in any one time (including Phil and Jan), all fully credentialled in drug usage, interactions and side effects. You can feel free to discuss your medications confidentially, in the privacy of one of our massage rooms if necessary.

But that's not all. Our pharmacists receive regular training in the practical little things in life and in nutritional advice as well. And of course, anybody hanging around Phil and Jan for long soon learns how to advise a customer and ascertain their needs. So be sure for prescriptions and off-the-shelf medicines, ask one of our trained pharmacists if you want practical information on how and when to take the medicines.


We can hold your repeat prescriptions for you on request. This excellent service saves you the inconvenience of going without medication should you forget to bring your prescription, lose it or run out of repeats.

Home medication reviews

If you are becoming worried that you may be doubling up your medication, especially if you have changed doctors or seen a specialist, or been in hospital recently, and seen changes to your regime - or merely want a reminder on what it is supposed to do, ask your current doctor to order a home Medication Review. We will go into your home and look over all your medications, whether prescribed or purchased OTC. We send the report back to the Doc who may see fit to fine tune your meds. This way, you can ensure that there no nasty interactions between the different medications.*

*   In the USA, up to 80% of hospital admissions are due to incorrectly prescribed or mistakenly taken medication. It's a good situation to avoid. 

Natural therapy medicines.

It is also important to ensure that these complement your other meds and not clash with them. Our pharmacist/naturopath can steer you right in this regard.

You should look at natural therapy in the light of complementing your health needs. And also, even complementing your existing medical treatment. That's why we like to highlight the health issues that can be helped by taking a particular combination of vitamins and herbs, and choosing low-reactive foods. They can often work as well as OTC drugs to improve your wellness outcome - you just need the right advice. And that's where we come in. Ask for our Naturopath if you have had a niggling complaint that just won't seem to go away. And if you are planning to have a baby, are already pregnant or want to breast feed, we have a special complete nutritional package prepared that we can tailor just for you.

Compounded Medicine

Click over to see all that our lab has to offer you. You will be amazed whether a doctor or patient. This exciting world can solve a lot of problems. 

Whether menopausal, have a child with infant reflux, are a male with ageing hormones (can also affect younger males these days), have bad nerve pain or floating pain that just won't go away, get travel sickness, suffer from acne or Itchy skin with rash or just want to improve your health with our balanced vitamin/mineral preparation, then getting us to make a special medicine for you might just be the answer.

CPAP sleep apnoea clinic.

Go to this prompt and see how you might awaken refreshed and bouncy for the first time in many a long year.

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