Anti ageing

Ageing - can you really slow it down?

Are the biomarkers of ageing easily recognisable and are some of these controllable?

The answer is yes to both questions, because we now know that getting sore joints or losing energy can happen to people at any age; arthritis and fatigue are not equated to ageing. Let me explain more about degenerative - and restorative - health.


To start the process of getting "younger" cells (and more energy with healthy joints), ring now or contact us for a computerised health assessment and a "feel young again" programme.

For detailed information,

read on...You see... biological events that occur inside your cells control what happens to the rest of you! And we can control and measure most of these cellular events that are a product of your environment - not just your age. And we can show you how you improve with a decent nutritional strategy by measuring the 10 Biomarkers of ageing.

These include: Lean body mass; Muscle strength; Aerobic capacity; Body fat percentage; Basal metabolic rate; Cell membrane flexibility; Partition of body-water inside and outside your cells; retained environmentat and cellular toxins; Blood pressure; Insulin sensitivity; Bone Density.[i]

Not only can we measure these but also we can show you that you may slow down cellular ageing by ensuring that your cells receive a balanced input nutrition* and reducing your exposure to environmental pollution of all types** - including cigarettes. To quit now, go to: or contact us, or ring the office on Sydney: 61 2 9420 4959.



But there are other reasons for poor nutrient availability in your day to day living.

The bottom line is that the food and water supply delivers inadequate nutrient density to sustain health (according to expert analysis of the Australian Dietary Survey). That's because Australia has on average, poor soil/water nutrient content.

But there's more. If you have uncomfortable bloating or believe that your liver needs support (or kidneys too, for that matter), check out our sound detoxification protocols. You see, Preservatives and antibiotics hidden in some foods may cause a "die-off" of your own, protective gut bacteria.

AND the gut internal terrain may not be able to then process what you eat. This may put a strain on your liver/kidney systems. This all affects your health, that may deteriorate slowly, fooling you ionto thinking that it is all due to just getting older. And it is not.  Many of these factors are measurable in the clinic office [ii].  We prepare for yopu in our "engine room" a range of nutritional supplements that can enable your cells to recover, and can prolong the life of your genes and telomeres (bioflavonoids, fat soluble vitamins and other antioxidants). But don't take handfuls of pills - ask us to put together a healthy, nutritious, tasty smoothie with many of the protectant factors that science has unearthed.

Ageing skin also? Get a compounded antioxidant, gene-nourishing cream.

DNA and gene protection: Shortened Telomeres lead to accelerated ageing.

News flash!! Science has recently discovered that genes are protected by a special protein called a telomere.  In fact, the more that the telomere becomes shortened then the closer the genes are to death. However, nutritional science has discovered that not only can environmental pollutants[iii] accelerate the shortening of telomeres but also certain nutrients and foods can protect them from this "erosion".[iv] That means to you that If you can prolong the life of your telomeres, you may prolong your own life.

But it is not only about telomeres and genes, critically important that they are. It is also about making the whole of your body healthy and helping to improve the above biomarkers of ageing.

So, pop in and see your local naturopath/pharmacist at our store - or just email us* and have your biomarkers assessed and learn what you can do to become stronger, fitter - and virtually younger!


Joint pain - another ageing concern

Joints may be hurting and you have probably been told that surgery might be the only solution. Well, there might be another answer to painful joints. You can ask your compounding chemist/natural therapist to concoct an analgesic ointment - and also FSM treatments - that may help in many cases.

Compounding solutions

Menopause, manopause and bio-identical hormones

Hot flushes and erectile problems are hot issues! Contact your local compounding chemist/naturopath at our store/clinic for detailed information that may assist you and your doctor in arriving at a solution. They can put together in the lab, human-equivalent hormones that may benefit women and men. The beauty of receiving your hormone replacement therapy in this way is that they can be broken down in your body naturally. That means to you that there may be none of the side effects that you might associate with synthetic drugs.

Chronic pain

Much of continual (chronic) pain that you might experience in your body may come from "trigger points" in your spine. Again, your compounding chemist might be able to suggest combinations of powerful analgesics that may not only dramatically reduce the pain but also may produce minimal side effects whereas when taken orally, the same drugs may cause stupor or gut ulceration. You can also enquire about FSM treatments for this condition.

Again, talk to the compounding pharmacist/naturopath - the results may delight you and your doctor!



[ii] Am J Clin Nutr 1996;64(suppl);485S-8S



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