cold and flu


Ask your pharmacist/naturopath about minor ailments


Help get over your Sore throat and Chest congestion with cough mixtures and homoeopathy.


Why consider herbs for your cold and ‘flu symptoms?


Firstly, best practice for doctors is to avoid prescribing antibiotics if at all possible and they may suggest that you purchase an OTC “reliever” medication off the Chemist shelf. Asking your pharmacist to recommend an old fashioned “cough” mixture to clear your chest or a homoeopathic that relieves head congestion symptoms might be the best way to go instead of a standard “off the shelf” pack.


Be aware also that the ‘flu symptoms may often commence innocuously enough but then may develop to a chest infection.




For the initial, non-medical stage, ask our naturopath/compounding chemist to make up a pleasant tasting blend of herbs for you that will produce soothing actions and that may help “clear your chest” and prevent more serious conditions. He/she will be happy to show you our herbalist’s recommendation and also other effective solutions that may rapidly relieve the head and nasal symptoms. 

For further advice, the health funds cover the cost of a short Naturopath’s consultation.


What else can you do?


Build up your resistance to cold and flu by asking about our ‘Winter Mix’.  This is a unique blend containing vitamin C, citrus bioflavonoids, zinc and *mushroom extracts and is designed to taste good as well!


You see, chatting with our pharmacist/naturopath is good because it can result in advice that could, for you, be life-changing and may help to prevent illness.


For example, did you know that parasites in raw food may be on the increase in New South Wales and there is only one compound that can be guaranteed to kill them? And it is an old fashioned, natural substance that promotes human health?


Ask about how to avoid contracting the flu by literally taking a couple of simple steps. And how you may build up your “system” for long term health.


So, include our naturopath and compounding chemist on your health team for advice on optimum wellness outcomes and to maintain better health.




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