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Got the flu? Natural therapy treatments may offer serious help.

 Too late to vaccinate? Homœopathy* may help!

 Ask for our protocol to relieve the “100 day cough” and have it under control in a week.


Homœoprophylaxis and ‘flu prevention.

According to Dr Isaac Golden*, there are two main homoeopathic medicines that may both prevent the flu symptoms from striking and treat successfully when you become infected. His extensive research leaves no doubt that these claims hold up.

Add to that a special herbal blend and a mixture of immune support nutrients and you have a successful protocol.

‘Flu prevention protocol

 1)      Use the Homoeopathic drops as directed

 2)      Take the herbal blend** at specified intervals

 3)      Take one teaspoonful of the “winter mix” powder in a full glass of water with the herbs.

Get specific details at

 Barry C is had the ‘flu. At the first dose of the homœopathic medicine, his symptoms improved and, when he took it as recommended after that, kept the symptoms at bay. He combined this with a special herbal blend and immune support nutritional combination, both made in our lab.  


Ronald C had an equally solid dose and he chose the supplement that was a mixture of immune-support nutrients and immune-specific herbs – that reportedly tasted rather nice, as well. He was due to embark on an overseas holiday and wanted to regain health quickly. And subsequently reported that he was fit again after a few days.

 I copped the ‘flu from a client on Tuesday. I awoke on Wednesday feeling terrible with ‘flu symptoms. I had to participate in a lawn bowls district final. I took the herbs, nutritional immune support mixture and a homœopathic. I had no fever, sore throat or cough and felt normal all day, playing in the wind at Harbord, with regular “top-up” doses of the homœopathic. As I write this article on Friday, I still feel as though I have no ‘flu.

 Yes, the names have been changed but the encounters are real and happen often. You see, more and more the realisation is dawning here that it makes sense to embrace homœopathy and tailor-made targeted nutritionals and herbal medicines as genuine options to treat many types of epidemic viruses, ‘flu included. And with some success, as corroborated by the available evidence* from here and overseas. Many European medical schools teach these methods and homœoprophylaxis is commonly used in some countries to immunise against childhood diseases.


So this approach is neither new nor random. Overwhelming, high grade clinical evidence and population studies* have been produced and documented from the past 200 years right up until recently to demonstrate its effectiveness. The preventive approach using homœopathic medicine is called homœoprophylaxis*.

 This system has been proven* to provide similar results of immunity to major childhood diseases as conventional injections and with none of the vaccinosis syndromes that sometimes may occur with the current method that our PBS system exclusively supports in this country. It also has been observed* many times to lead to overall better health in children and improve their resistance generally. Adults may benefit, too, especially with new strains of old illnesses being brought home by kids and grandkids.


So, back to the future. The good news is that if antibiotic fail or are not applicable, you may still feel safe. But remember, it is important to catch current infections with early treatment. It will be great when the day comes that natural therapy and conventional medicine can work together to produce a Wellness Outcome™ for the only person who matters in this whole equation – you, the client.


*Golden I, The Complete Practitioner’s Manual of Homœoprophylaxis, 2012.

**Hoffman, David:


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