Family medicines

Ever wondered what happened to those trusty old medicines that "stopped that coffin'" or "cleared the chest" or reduced that hay fever sneezing"? Why modern medicines all seem to come neatly packaged in brightly coloured cardboard boxes with massive TV advertising behind them?

Well the answer lies in the synthetic drug trade and its corporatisation and the total removal from the PBS of a whole range of very helpful, natural and plant "drugs" that were suddenly labelled "comfort drugs" and quietly removed from medical prescriber's lists.

Well, wonder no more. In response to demand, we have put together a small range of the old fashioned  herbs and drugs that are now available Over The Counter. We have put these in combinations to help with chesty coughs, dry coughs, sore throats, and sneezing. We have included evidence-based nutritional combinations designed to support a healthy immune system and plant extract to reduce symptoms of hay fever.


Evidence-based, serious pain relief herbs and also nutritional preparations are also available that have been shown to give none of the side effects of NSAID pain killers or opiate drugs.


Try our antioxidant, smooth and emollient face cream. Why pay hundreds for fancy French labels? Also our Skin Treatment Cream is second to none for that troublesome teenage skin. Reddened infants skin and rashes? Again, try the STC.


Looking for healthy digestion and a settled stomach? Bloating may be a thing of the past with our "Leaky Gut" protocol, that includes our own blend of nutrients that may support development of healthy gut membrane.

Painful Joints

Painful joints and knocks may not automatically need harmful drug therapy. They may well respond to a fundamental approach that may include Frequency Specific microcurrent therapy and herbal/nutritional protocols.


Our Green Smoothie may contain all 105 nutrients that are needed from nature by your body's cells in order to produce rude health and bouncing energy.


There is a stack of evidence to show how the correct nutritional protocols that may include specific supplements and certainly all 105 nutrients that are needed from nature is a strategy of choice to enhance fertility.

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