Many prescriptions mean that having a Medscheck is your best option.

Do you sometimes get confused when having your medication dispensed at the Pharmacy?

Well, worry no more because at Wade's Compoinding Chemist and Naturopath we can take care of all the details and ease your mind. How do we do this? We simply go through your prescription list, make sure that nothing is duplicated (and that is a problem with Generic brands abounding) and also check what other off-the-shelf medications that you may be using.

Oh and Phil, being a Nutritionist, can go over your daily eating patterns and see that you are getting the most nutritional benefit out of your daily foods.

This may seem a bit of an overkill until you consider that there are plenty of food traps around these days. I mean that many foods may be stored, preserved, imported and just not grown well, and these factors can all have an impact on your health.

And how easy is to fix? Very easy. You just need to know how.

So, call today and make a booking to see Phil, Jan or our professional staff for your Medscheck.

With Kind Regards,

Phil Wade     

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