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Raised Blood Pressure. Is it a single issue or a complex condition? Around 90% of blood pressure conditions are caused by modifiable factors, such as obesity, food selection, lifestyle, toxicity, inflammation in blood vessels from infection, stress and - what we find a lot of in our pharmacy's clinic - sleep apnoea. Yes, 90% of blood pressure can be modified. How do you modify these factors? Consult your naturopath and work through them, one by one. Obesity is at the front of this list. Next, we will discuss how to work through these issues next, starting with a permanent solution to obesity. Yes, permanent. Don't try diets. Diets don't work. And the TV trendies have been getting it wrong for two generations, leading to our now being the most obese nation on planet earth. But there is a right way to go about this.

 The fourth modifiable factor of cardiovascular disease is toxicity. You see... non-degradable toxins come from man-made chemicals that leach into the environment (POPs). One study showed that one trillionth of a part per million of POPs caused a litter of grossly obese mice.                                                                                         One billionth PPM caused an undersized litter. And yet, the WHO says only one millionth PPM of these pollutants is OK?! We need to shift that standard a bit!

And all this highlights the anti-hormonic effect of these carbon/hydrogen (petroleum)-based chemicals. They have an oestrogenic effect and may cause rapid cell proliferation throughout your body and on the endothelium (lining cells) of your blood vessels.                                                                    And - wait for it - research shows that cholesterol is one of the body's protections against POPs AND infection in blood vessels. Yes, you heard right. However, Mark Houston warns that LDL cholesterol (the supposed "baddie") actually occurs in 3 sizes. And the Large particle-size LDL is "good". The small size is toxic. So, where do the oxidised fats that cause the damage come from? Usually from eating oxidised (rancid) "cooking" oils, that the heat causes to change to this toxic (oxy-trans) form. AND from POPs.                                                                                        Yes, toxins can and do also arise from infection - from bacterial endo-toxins. These can also accumulate in the gut. Apart from other infections, as below, we are now finding more and more that the gut is a great source of these nasty bugs. In fact Yehudi Shonefeld (Tel Aviv Uni) has found up to 70% of the gut microbiome can consist of streptoccus in people with adjuvants like breast implants! Strep no less - and at 70%! That's huge!                       In our own cinic, LBA observations (magnify a drop of blood up to 1,000 times and telecast it onto a screen), we also see masses of what can only be candida spores (yeast) as well, lately.                                                                          rYou may educe toxins by doing our specific leaky gut cleanse that may reduce bugs, and liver cleanse that may reduce the level of fat-soluble toxins.                      

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