Heavy Metal

Heavy metal buildup in your body can be a cause of ill health. Amalgam fillings may be one cause of mercury accumulation. This may lead to unpleasant symptoms of unspecified "nerve" conditions. One client experienced significant and unremitting leg pain. This indicates that mercury may accumulate in nerve tissue. We can assess the presence of mercury with a simple hair analysis test.

Copper can also be a nuisance. This occurs in copper pipes where the water has been heated or lying there for too long. Acid water will accentuate copper concentrations in your water. Some bottled water contains copper from the processing. We have a couple of ways of testing for copper.

Other heavy metals can also accumulate, such as vanadium, molybdenum, cobalt, strontium and others.

They can all make you feel strange and lead to ill health.

A simple hair analysis will identify these. 

Once we have identified them, we work on their removal by using targeted, naturalnutritional chelation compounds that are designed for that purpose and that have been shown to be successful. Contact us for further information.

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