Athletes require extra nutritional input. That is a "given".

But precisely what input has been a difficult question that has led many people to the "dark side" of sports nutrition.

Well, none of that "peptiide" silly stuff is necessary. Ane we are proving it.

We have determined that the teenage growth process has complicated the whole question of sports nutrition and believe that we have unravelled the mystery. Adolescent health requirements are special, and require a special solution. I can give you a clue by highlighting our solution. Wade's Supasmoothi-athlete.

Phil's Complete nutrition as the Supasmoothi. Over thirty years ago, Phil decided to make the world's first perfect multivitamin. Last year, he finally did it! Trouble is, it won't fit into a capsule. Because you just cannot squeeze 105 essential elements into that small a space. So what about the taste? To his great surprise, it actually tastes good. Especially when you add Phil's other masterpiece: A special blend of plant-based, especially health-giving oils that Kirsty dubbed "Phil's Oil".

(Incidentally, for those overweight people who are seeking a more lasting body-shaping approach to gaining energy, trimming excess body fat, and achieving your ideal shape, check our hypnotherapy article on how to "Reach Your Ideal Weight in 60 Minutes").

Green Smoothie

Accompanied by: 

  • much of the green goodness of the ocean;
  • the raw vitality from concentrated uncontaminated, freeze-dried land based plants; in addition to freeze-dried greens, we add:
  • the 78 minerals of the earth in balanced, colloidal form, and all 12 balanced vitamins.  
  • bonus serves of immune-supporting arabinogalactans - in a form that creates energy!;
  • soluble plant fibre that help to grow healthy, protective gut bacteria;
  • Mushroom extracts of Reishi, Shitaki, Coriolus and Cordyceps that support immune protection;
  • a serve of glutamine - nature's healthy gut re-builder,
  • a mixture of gut-friendly acidophilus species - all in a bed of the purest...
  • pure, immune-enhancing whey protein*.
  • *This may directly attack most infectious germs in your gut before being easily digested and providing efficient building-blocks to enhance organ, muscle and bone growth.
  • This meal supplement is your greatest ally in achieving and maintaining good health and improving energy significantly.
  • We have also tweaked a special version for reaching top athletic performance.
  • And we also make a special version for reaching your Ideal Weight.

Our whey powder is in its natural state and is low in lactose and negligible in casein  (the type of dairy protein that is the usual cause of dairy allergies). Being standardised by food technologists, it comes from New Zealand cows and is left over after the cheese-making process.

For ideal taste, you may add frozen fruit (or indeed vegetables) of choice, ice cubes, manuka or organic honey, and some spelt hearts. Make it in filtered or cooled, boiled water water as the first preference. You may add a little pineapple - or other - juice to taste if no frozen fruit available. Finally, add that other essential dietary ingredient - Phil's mixed oils. Then whizz it up in a blender.

[Caution]                        As there may be traces of casein (the potentially allergenic dairy protein that causes problems to certain sensitised individuals) it is advisable for those people to try a tiny amount in a small amount of water initially to ascertain their level of sensitivity. But whey on its own contains no casein and relatively little lactose.

Phil's Oils

 I must emphasise that simply supplementing your diet with the Green Smoothie alone is not recommended. You should try for at least one wholesome, "square" meal a day as well and ensure that you include in this another little-mentioned essential dietary requirement - lipids or fats. We have made a delicious, nutty-flavoured, mixed oil offering that contains around 50% of omega-3 oils that are required for great health. It must be eaten cold - never heated.

If sensitive to whey, they may try our alternative product that is based on pea powder concentrate. However, this robs them of two of the chief benefits of whey - immune support and the 100% nett utilisability protein (NUP) value of whey.

Also, add as many raw greens (washed and soaked for 2 hours) as you like.

Don't "skull" it all at once - treat it like a meal and sip slowly.

I made it for my clients who are interested in becoming healthy and also achieving Ideal Weight and Waist. That is why I also became a specialist in the NLP-hypnosis system entitled "... Reach Your Ideal Weight in 60 Minutes" - a system that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

In between meals, your snacks, if needed, should comprise fruit snacks or health bars of the standard of Metagenics Keto Bars.

Click here to see more complete dietary advice that includes information about the need for exercise and also certain lifestyle issues.

If you should require more information or alternately, to order your chief ally in your fresh start to daily food management, please contact us.

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