Overweight and Obesity

Overweight and Obesity or Why you're getting fatter when you're trying toget thinner.

Being overweight is supposedly all your fault. Or at least, that's what you've been told most of your life, right? Well, the good news is that it's not your fault. You have been told the wrong thing by two generations of glossy magazine and TV "expertise".

Lies you've been told.

1)  Eating fat makes you fat. Wrong. Your body needs fat - to provide energy, build healthy cell walls and get that smooth feel to your skin. Dietary fat actually triggers your system into feeling "safe" to start using fat as a source of energy, the way it is supposed to. So, eat the fat off your steak, cook in butter and lard but never cook in vegetable oils.

2)  Eating mainly complex carbohydrates makes you skinny. Wrong again. Eating carbohydrates constantly leads to eventual exhaustion of your insulin metabolism so your body can no longer use it for energy. So it converts to fat. That's right - eating too much carbohydrates (grains, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains (bread or cereals) makes your liver and gut walls accumulate useless and toxic fat. This is called fatty liver and also visceral fat.

3)  Eating abundant protein gives you kidney damage. Wrong yet again. I have seen this statement on official websites! it is laughable. 

But you do need to understand the balance between these foods and the variety that is good for you. So, to find out what you need to get healthy and remain trim ad fit, pop into the pharmacy clinic and ask for a $99 "tune-up". This will reveal what sort of regime is right for you.

And ask to check out also whether you need to clear up your possible leaky gut, that lays down visceral fat; or whether you need to detoxify your body if you are high in organic toxins or heavy metal residue. We guarantee that you will lose 5 Kg in 5 weeks in our Thin Within programme. If crash diets are not your "go", don't worry. Phil, our Ideal Weight specialist, will guide you through  a method to reach and retain your Ideal Weight in 60 minutes with a lifetime guarantee. 

But it gets worse. Pollutants and toxins are also a major player. 100 parts per billion of many environmental pollutants produce undersize mouse litters and yet ONE part per billion produce grotesquely overweight mouse litters. (Sydney Scientific detoxification Congress, June 2014)

Let me explain.

You see - for decades now, "scientists" have been telling you that man made environmental pollutants like nuclear fallout and industrial chemicals have been "harmless". But, equally culpable are TV dieticians and trendy nutritionists who have been advising you to reduce fat and eat "light" carbohydrate foods if you want to lose weight. This has left you with a woeful imbalance of the two building blocks of the body - protein and fat. Plus traces of chemicals that have disrupted hormone production at a cellular level and produced many long term illnesses and obesity. This has led to your becoming - guess what - FAT. How did this happen? Read on?


Oops! Did I mention the "F" word? Shame on me - or so the "experts" would have me believe. The truth is that natural dietary fats are just as needed in your body as protein. There are many forms of fats, which perform specialised tasks, some of which can only be obtained from the diet.

Good Fats

Good fats occur naturally. That's right - just about any fat in your normal dietary range is originally a good fat. The thing is, it's all to do with shape - of the fat molecule, that is. Naturally-occurring fats have a certain molecular shape. If you enlarged a fat molecule to about 5 metres long, it would resemble a slippery-dip - with several "dips" along its length. This shape is just right for the fat molecule to fulfil one of its major roles - to form part of the cell wall - over 70% of which is composed of fat molecules and the rest is protein.

Once you have all of the right fats in place, nutrient can slide easily into the cell from the bloodstream (via the water "bath" surrounding the cells). Also waste products and specialised proteins etc can slide right out.

But that's not all. You should maintain a good modicum of fats in your daily diet, along with protein - seemingly the two forgotten food types. We recommend a moderate intake of carbohydrates, consisting mainly of fruit and vegetables.

Bad Fats

When heated, the fat molecules change shape and the slippery-dip jags upwards with sharp bends and will allow much less nutrient to pass in and other products to get out. These become bad fats - or "trans" (changed) fats.

Fats heated under oxygen (air) are therefore called synthetic fats because an oxygen radical (part molecule) will attach itself to the trans fat molecule and make it into something different]. These fats are changed in food processing procedures. Not only will these stifle the cell-walls' ability to exchange nutrients but they will also damage other cells with their highly-reactive free radical attachments. This will cause two problems.

1 It starves your cells of nutrient and makes you crave for even more food.

2 The free radical attachment will react with an adjoining cell wall, causing it to become damaged. Accumulated damage will cause the cell to die. This is a major cause of rogue cell formation that may initiate various types of tumours.

All processed food - whether they are packaged "fast" foods, pizzas, potato crisps or trendy confectionery chocolate bars - contain synthetic (or "trans") fats. So, eat what's pre-cooked and presented in cans, cardboard or foil containers at your peril. (As far as chocolate itself is concerned, it is my belief that the purer the chocolate is, the better). Just for the record, most margarines would be prominent in this category.


This is the essential building block of life. DNA is a protein. 50% of bone tissue is protein (called collagen). Your body is held together by collagen and another protein called elastin. Protein makes muscle. You need to eat protein to supply the body with the right sort of amino acids to be able to make its own. Eat too little protein and you'll waste away. (That means anorexics get thin by losing it in the "wrong places"). Not only that, but also carbohydrate junkies become obese from increases in body fat but still waste away inside from lack of muscle.


Just what is the role of carbohydrate in your body? How does eating too much of it make me fat? Well, carbohydrate appears in the diet in the form of starch, sugars and cellulose. Cellulose makes excellent fibre and is essential to help detoxify your body of waste products by making soft, bulky, satisfying stools. Starch and sugars convert to glucose in the body (to give you fuel) and other sugars (which link to protein) which activate immune cells. Eating too many carbohydrates triggers an over-production of insulin which causes fat to be stored. That makes you fat. (see our "carbohydrate" discussion).


The important aspect of good weight control is balance. To achieve good balance in your body - and therefore in your eating - you have to eat the right mixture of foods for your body to remain healthy. (see our discussion on "Insulin").

The bottom (Ha! Ha!) line is that - in order to lose fat you need to reduce the insulin trigger. Then, you will want to stay looking good and feeling strong and energetic. To achieve this, ensure that you have enough balance. If you can succeed in doing that, your body will again be able to transform glucose straight into immediate energy needs and stop laying down so much fat.

Then, using the right system, you can re-shape your body and become healthier. That means you can lose fat, gain muscle and increase your energy levels.

All you have to do is follow our system. If you want to lose weight in all the "right places" learn to lose fat the Wade way.

If you want to lose the fat permanently, use our system

If you want to look better, feel better and look and fell younger, then try our system.

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Weight Loss regime

95% of weight loss regimes ultimately fail. That is because you haven't been told the correct method. The reason for that is that the correct method requires you to go to a little trouble. The other reason is that a lot of people "in the business" haven't had the proper training. I have been studying this problem for many years and have had reasonable success in achieving permanent weight loss for my clients.

Permanent Weight Loss

We are really talking about fat, not weight. Have you ever heard people say: "I lost weight in all the wrong places"? Well, that's because they lost too much fluid and muscle along with their fat. In fact, their body probably retained a good deal more fat that muscle.

We are all about RETAINING or even IMPROVING your existing muscle while ridding your body of unwanted fat and toxic water.

Toxic water? What's that?

Toxic water is the water that accumulates OUTSIDE your cells - and in amongst fat cells sometimes - which may harbour toxins and salts of various types. (These salts may often be caffeine or other salts which are harmful to your body). It's possible to remove all of these wrong things and retain the right ones. It requires astute advice on our part and total commitment on yours.

To be successful in this requires two things

1) The correct advice

2) Commitment from you to you to follow through with a regime which will only lose safely a maximum of one kilo per week.


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