Stop smoking

Why stop smoking?

Tobacco smoke contains tars, nicotine and a myriad of contaminants. Chief amongst these are aflatoxins from a mould called Aspergillus, which is known to be responsible for cancer, heart disease, immune compromise and death.
And that’s not counting the chemical sprays that are used in an attempt to control pests. Pesticides and anti-fungal sprays are toxic to your nerves and liver. Many tobacco samples also contain
heavy metals.
With 90% of tobacco smoke being vapour, this gas contains dozens of cancer-causing nitrites, nitriles, and similar that cause prolonged illness and early death.
E-cigarettes are said to contain many of these but in lesser quantities.

What damage does smoking really do to me?
If I want to give up, what assistance is available?
You have three choices: nicotine gums; patches; or hypnotherapy. Or a combination of these.
Do patches and gums work?
Patches and gums replace the nicotine from cigarettes and stop your nerves craving it.
As nicotine is a nerve drug, it artificially relaxes you in small doses. Eventually though, it makes you anxious and constricts vital blood vessels. How does it do that? it blockades the ‘relaxing’ nerve receptors by accumulation, and causes the ‘reverse’ state - anxiety. Replacement therapy must be used to a plan, as it takes a while for the nerves to recover, so that they can work well again on their own.
So, it is wise to use these in regular consultation with our pharmacists, who will provide a four-step plan that may be modelled to your requirements.

What about hypnotherapy?
This is a special option! The pharmacist may refer you for hypnotherapy, which is remarkably effective for quitting cigarettes. We actually offer an open guarantee on the outcome. We have put through over 100 subjects now and I suppose that you could count the recidivists on the fingers of one hand.

What does hypnotherapy entail?
Unlike popular myths, you do not fall asleep under hypnosis - you merely fall into a trance, where you are wide awake and remember everything.
Your unconscious mind operates both ‘nicotinic’ nerves and also their counterparts, your adrenaline-dependent nerves, maintaining a steady rhythm. Its deepest part also controls your survival from childhood, when you ‘modelled’ a person who smoked, often someone you admired.
So, it has a real job to do in ‘changing sides’ and learning that to survive you have to quit, rather than continue to smoke.
Is there anything else that can assist when giving up smoking?
Your nerves also require good nutrient reserves, like any other cells in your body. But your body won’t waste resources in storing them in nerves that don’t need them. So we are able to identify those nutrients and target your nerves to be able to replenish themselves by taking a balanced supplement.
As your naturopath, it would be my pleasure to guide you to a non-smoking, good health status, giving you the maximum chance of recovery with hopefully, a long, happy life.

Your in health,

Phil Wade

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