Wellness Outcomes

What are Wellness Outcomes ?

This question perhaps drives your health aspirations today. That is - you may not just want to be treated for an illness symptom, you may want to:

We are finding increasingly that the modern woman often wants to have a richly rewarding and fulfilling career and a lively, interesting youth, then have a baby in your thirties or forties or even fifties. And you want to be fertile so that you can conceive when you want to. And you want THAT baby to be happy, healthy, full of energy and possessing a healthy immune system.

And dad - you want to be able to be vital and virile when you're younger and into your senior years.

It's happening all over the world and it's about to happen here.

That's where we come in. How? Because the new version of the old-fashioned GP is actually a collection of people these days - doctor, physio, natural therapist and chiropractor. We are an important cog in the machine that will help you to regain your vitality. You see ... obtaining Wellness Outcomes is a powerful goal and we offer the potential for all of these wellness objectives at Wade's Compounding Chemist and Naturopath, also known as the Lane Cove Wellness Centre.

And pharmacists and doctors need to change also. That's why, as a seasoned pharmacist, I studied to become a naturopath, homoeopath, nutritionist and herbalist to help you achieve those vitality goals.

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