Herbal Medicine

The herbal medicine used in our clinic comprises naturally concentrated tinctures (alcoholic extracts) of Australian organically grown herbs as well as selected concentrates in capsules. We mainly use the Herbal Extract Company brand that is known for its unique method of concentrating the active constituents of the herbs. H.E.C. also standardises all of its herbs and ensures that they have had zero exposure to contaminants.

Herbal medicine is exciting because it can make you feel better in so many ways.

They can;

  • act like antibiotics and kill off a broad range of bacteria and make antibiotic pharmaceuticals more active; 
  • help with viral 'flu infections too;
  • Soothe crackling chests, as demulcents;
  • help you to remain calm in a crisis, as nerve tonics;
  • help you get over partying, as detoxifying, liver tonics;
  • assist your digestion from gall bladder problems;
  • heal and soothe grumbly stomach and bowels, as mucous membrane tonics;
  • help your circulation.

While some herbs taste like "they are really good for you" they are well worth while taking if our assessment indicates their need. 

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