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Prof Buckley was a teaching medical doctor at The University, Sydney and enunciated his hypothesis in 1928. This was re-presented in modern times by Raymond Khoury, lecturer, Natural Therapist and consultant to the leading association of practitioners of natural medicine, ATMS.

Septic foci means concentrations of bacterial ? or other microbial ? infection. They can exist anywhere in the body. It has been our finding in this clinic that they may become established in many different places in the body, including:

1. the throat,
2. sinuses,
3. joints and
4. organs such as the
5. heart,
6. kidneys (glomeruli),
7. other organs,
8. the abdominal cavity and even
9. the brain.
When they succeed and develop, their toxic secretions can interfere with the normal functioning of the organ, causing inflammation and pain. The tools we use to try and eliminate them, thereby reducing the inflammation, pain and discomfort are:
1. Herbal Medicine
2. Nutritional medicine, including:
a. individual food compatibility and
b. nutritional replenishment regimes,
c. re-establishing the correct water "levels",
d. lifestyle and
e. client education.


An "MVA" means a motor vehicle accident.


This acronym stands for Lane Cove Wellness Centre Remedial Regime. This involves personalised dietary and nutritional approach which is aimed at helping the client to achieve a Wellness Outcome.

Herbal Medicine
Nutritional medicine, including:
a. individual food compatibility and
b. nutritional replenishment regimes,
c. re-establishing the correct water “levels”,
d. lifestyle and
e. client education

The food selection plans we use are modelled for individual requirements and are one of the Four Cornerstones of Health*, the other three being supplements and herbs, the necessary lifestyle changes (including the correct form of exercising and mental/emotional harmony) and balancing the body?s electrolytes and water requirements.

By the judicious use of our unique questionnaire system, our exclusive pattern of natural medicinal physical examination and in house pathology tests, we can arrive at our Wellness Outcome strategy. It is our belief that this flexible and individualised approach sets us apart from other types of practitioners and gives us more hope than might be otherwise expected to help improve persistent illness.

The Four Cornerstones of Health ? a phrase coined by George Murray and Stephanie Bennett independently of each other.


The Sydney Acne Care Centre Remedial Regime is the earlier, stricter version of the LCWCRR. We practised this over 20 years ago. It is the very best remedial dietary approach I have known but to which it is difficult to comply. For this, we devised our own version of the rotation and elimination plan and when applied correctly it can be quite curative of deeply distressing chronic ailments.

We still occasionally bring it out for severe, intractable and/or terminal types of illnesses by negotiation with the client. The good news is that, these days, we can provide technical tools which enable a more relaxed version to be equally effective in producing your Wellness Outcome.


Puberty onset is a time of great demand on your body's TH1 immune system, skewing your immune system into an inflammatory TH2 state. Such a change can especially occur during the puberty growth years (anything up to 23 YO for boys and 19 YO for girls). Not only that but also many external factors in your environment will help or hinder this process, often rendering you more likely to develop an immune-related disorder. Such ?diseases? can be reversible, using our unique and natural Wellness Outcome? therapy method. (See ?common Complaints? on the subject of:  I am a Teenager and I'm often tired, get recurring sore throat and/or often depressed.)


Glandular fever (mononucleosis, or the Eppstein Barr virus).

It often goes unrecognised and the teacher or coach of a student will usually mistake it for laziness. It strikes initially as a severe sore throat and can feel "like razor blades". It affects greatly your vitality, potentially causing significant liver damage.

If it goes unchecked, it can end the career of aspiring students, athletes and others who need maximum energy to strive for life's goals, whatever they are.

It strikes when the immune system is depleted. This may happen in times of extreme physical and emotional distress.

Our Green Smoothie can help to improve your health with the nutrients that we have packed into it. And it tastes good too!


INRs were checked regularly during this regime, so that as the "circulatory normalising" effects of regular ingestion of the herbs and supplements created positive change, the anticoagulant medication was able to be reduced accordingly. The medicos were kept fully informed of the Complementary Medicine regime at all times, according to the chief carer.


This in-house pathology test calls for a special treatment by us of your urine sample.
This may tell us if unwanted (pathogenic) bacteria, fungi and/or parasites are growing in your gut and whether they may be producing toxins that may cause distress to your kidneys and liver. It also helps us to target our treatment that may help to restore the health of the potentially challenged hyper-permeable (leaky) gut wall.

You may be asked to make some minor  but important  alterations to your evening meal prior to the test.

BIOELECTRIC IMPEDENCE measurement (BIA) also known as the VITALITY & LONGEVITY measurement (VLA):

The VLA or BIA has the capacity to measure your body?s composition. It can tell you the following parameters:

Your fat mass
Muscle mass
How much water you have
Where the water is located (fluid balance)

-Inside your cells (intracellular fluid) or
-Outside your cells (extracellular fluid)

The health of your cell walls (vitality)
Your biological age

It is not just a device used by practitioners of ?alternative medicine?, as its measurements appear regularly in medical and scientific, peer-review journals.

We endeavour to re-shape your body by reducing unwanted fat and building needed muscle tissue. We pursue this by modelling individual food plans and designing a selective regime of light, easy to follow exercises for you.

The BIA enables to see that what we are doing works.

BLOOD GLUCOSE measurement:

This finger-prick test establishes your blood glucose level. This underrated value not only tells us a great deal about your general health but it also shows when our purpose-designed, easy to follow food and nutrition plan is working.


This is another office test that is useful to us in helping to unravel the mystery of tendency to food allergy. Food allergy is one of those silent, insidious conditions which may eventually lead to Leaky Gut, and  to the exaggerated allergic and disease-prone state that is the world of  TH2 dominance.  Overcoming food allergy permanently is one of my chief interests because it can lead to practically all other persistent (chronic) disease states.


This dip stick test gives accurate information about the health of your:


It also tells us if you are dieting healthily or too hard.

HAIR measurement:

This gives us information about your exposure to heavy metal and also your balance of electrolytes. It can tell us how our metal detoxification methods are working.


The gut comprises your stomach and intestine. It is approximately 32 feet (10 metres) in length. Its lining consists of membrane which secretes mucus (mucus membrane - MM). It features digestive glands which produce acid and enzymes, which break down food (after a good chewing) to its fundamental components.

If undamaged, the mucus membrane will absorb these steadily and send them straight off to the liver for processing.

If damaged in some way, the gut will become more permeable and so larger pieces of partially digested food may enter the bloodstream. This situation can cause ill health in a number of ways and trigger off false alarms from the immune system's TH2 response (inflammation and antibody attack).

This may become a permanent state where it can possibly make your body prone to sensitivity and allergy reactions, food addiction, adrenal stress and auto-immune diseases.


Food consists of protein, fats and carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals (micronutrients). These foods are digested in the gut to their component parts so they can then all cross the gut lining (MM) and be taken to the liver in specialised blood vessels.


The liver is a busy organ. It processes food into useful protein, fats, sugars and energy. The liver also helps to detoxify your body. It does this by attaching soluble radicles (derived from micronutrients) to toxic molecules (toxins, some of which may come from dysbiosis) and in this way allowing your kidneys to eliminate them through the urine.


This stands for Toxicity and Malabsorption Screening Test

It is a test to determine how efficiently you are absorbing food nutrients from your gut. It consists of a Urinary Indicans test and a Zinc Tally test.


The gut lining (MM) can be damaged by unwanted microbes and food allergy as well as preservatives (Leaky Gut). This state is detected by using the Urinary Indicans kit and may be rectified by using our individually designed Gut Detox. Programme.



Let me explain? You see, a survey was conducted in the early nineties by the Government in conjunction with the National Heart Foundation. According to Mark Walker, a professional nutritionist then working with Henry Osiecki of Orthoplex Pharmaceuticals, the results of the survey showed completely shocking (to me) news.

It actually showed that the majority of Australians (70% in fact) were deficient in one or more minerals and/or vitamins ON A DAILY BASIS.

Now, nobody believed him, so they did another similar survey five years later. The deficiency figure rose to 75%.

They thought this might be wrong, so they did another one five years after that. The deficiency figure rose to 80%.

We believe that this has something to do with the introduction of the Warragamba dam water supply.

We now recommend that sensible people supplement.


Supplements come in many forms. We recommend only highest quality supplements with proven content after manufacture.

The green Smoothie contains around 100 elements that your body cannot make and that it needs from food and water to remain healthy. It is our belief that foods presented in modern living conditions do not contain sufficient abundance in all of these and that the Smoothie is the best way to deliver them and correct possible deficiencies.  And it tastes good!

Yes, the testing processes and accreditation requirements are labour intensive and so make them dearer. But trust me, this is not an area you would look to for penny pinching savings.

TGA regulations forbid me to mention them at this site but if you contact us we would be glad to give you more specific information. info@wellnesscentre.com.au


An expert told me that the water from the Warragamba contains 75% less minerals than the previous Sydney water supply while at the same time, the organic (impurity) content rose by 1500%.

An old family friend who was a boilermaker had all his installed boilers blow up the day after Warragamba was introduced 40 years ago.

A geophysical scientist told me that the Warragamba was situated on ?Narrabeen sandstone? a fresh water geological deposit and therefore mineral deficient. That means that when rainwater soaks through the sandstone it doesn?t pick up many minerals to contribute to our dietary intake.

The previous catchment was located mainly over ?Ashfield sandstone? which is a geological salt water deposit.

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