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 Our pharmacy is anaxed to Sydney's Lane Cove Wellness Centre. Here, our wholistic pharmacy not only offers orthodox medicinal advice but also professional wholistic or  complementary medicine advice. This approach may help to improve your health and vitality. Our pharmacist/naturopath may be able to help your return to health following a chronic ill-health condition naturally - especially if medicine or surgery is not your doctor's first option. Complementary teamwork can improve your chances of health.  Your doctor is usually delighted to have a healthier, happier and more vital patient to deal with. We specialise in Reaching Your Ideal Weight with a Lifetime Guarantee and also Quit cigarettes in 60 minutes - also with a lifetime guarantee. visit

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Our referrals to your doctor or other practitioners will contain results of lab testing and approved in-house tests, such as body health checks, live blood microscopic examination and Leaky Gut test. See below.


Our aim is to complement the essential medical/pharmaceutical services that are vital life-saving necessities - not to provide an alternative to medical treatment of acute illness. Our naturopath, pharmacist Phil Wade's unique method of striving for your Wellness Outcome™  can also complement your medical prescription. Either way, we either  potentiate the effect of patent medicines or use natural therapy alone to help you to move to a better place of health and vitality when tiredness and illness linger.  Let me explain... Help improve vitality  You see, we aim to improve your vitality if you have been suffering from 'long term' illnesses - those that have snuck up on you and gradually caused you to seek improved vitality, to restore skin health, improved health of a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual nature. To this end, as a complementary medicine health clinic, we initially treat the immediate symptoms by using natural therapy. Wellness Journey Then we work on the four fundamental vectors of your distress (see below). Our aim is to analyse you as a whole person by careful case-taking and then improve your health profile overall, including your immune capability. In this way, we hope to raise your body's self-healing potential (that is called the homoeostatic response) in the medium to long term, to a point where we may help to restore you to optimum vitality, improving health and to be in a happier place. We have several key techniques at our disposal to achieve this - remedial massage, iridology, herbal medicine, homoeopathic medicinenutritional medicine and deep tissue  frequency specific micro current treatment.  We use the above Scientific complementary testing To help us to determine and defeat the frank, underlying causes of your chronic illness, we perform thaeabove unique in-house tests, including Hemaview™ live blood healthy ageing check (a window to inside you) . To assist your quest for better health, we maintain a a herbal dispensary containing a full range of pure, concentrated herbal extracts; our own multivitamin/mineral powder (for foundation nutrition) containing all 78 biologically active colloidal minerals; a full range of practitioner vitamins/remedies; a homoeopathic dispensary and our own fully-equipped pharmacy laboratory where we not only make our own in-house range of creams and vitamins but also can compound - or tailor-make - your unique medicines and present them in capsules, troches or creams. These include bio-identical hormones. 


Other herbs, changes in food choices that may be silently harming you and supplements can also improve your health in the long term.**


By using our total health offer, and even helping to liminate a possible build-up from exposure to some pesticides or other harmful chemicals like POPs, you can become healthier and probably reduce your need for medication - not to mention fatigue and painful areas.* Sometimes this strategy helps to help your medicine act better. Pain from spinal damage may now be well treated with a compounded gel.

*International congress on Scientific Detoxification, Sydney, June, 2014.


**Goodwin KD et al 2006 (Camg);  Mortensen SA 2003 (Ubiq);  Sydow K et al 2003 (arg); Craig SA 2004 (Bet); Naruscewicz M et al 2002 (LPlant); 


Not only that but also you need to be aware that you can do something about the following burning issues:











Firstly, we review the results of our thorough case-taking system, that involves an extensive questionnaire system and thorough naturopathic physical examination. Our aim is to first make you physically and emotionally comfortable, and then address the underlying causes of your health challenge at their roots. An example of such causes might be leaky gut. In this way, we find that your body's immune system often responds and allows for self-repair to take place. We follow an experienced and evidence-based philosophy.

What is 'Wellness'? 

Wellness is a state of health where your body feels good and can self-correct maladies. Simple examples of such illnesses may be the residual effects of a trauma like a car smash, a fall off a horse, increasing chronic fatigue, increasingly painful joints or the residual effects - or even existing problems from - a severe viral infection such as glandular fever or hepatitis, Ross River Fever, Swine Flu and so on.

How can these infections lead to a permanent state of "unwellness"? Well, sometimes, because your body might remain in a partially debilitated state from a major trauma, this  leaves you in a state of continuous or chronic fatigue, infection. Perhaps this may lead to developing skin complaints or headaches, joint pain or abdominal bloating and pain that medical treatment is simply not geared to resolve.  

We are asking you to consider our complementary offer in your bid to strive for a Wellness Outcome™ because we find that many of our clients tell us how we have turned their health around. By learning what we can do for you with our treatment options of deep tissue, Precision™ frequency specific treatment combined with nutritional medicine, sometimes herbal medicine and perhaps certain lifestyle changes, then you are much better placed to make decisions that will benefit the most important person in the health equation - you

The Zone of Preferred Intervention

It is possible to re-direct an unhealthy life back to a healthy one, by acting in the zone of preferred intervention. What is this zone? It is said to be any time in your life as your condition deteriorates from good health into poor health and before it reaches actual degeneration. The hard part is to know when you have moved into poor or declining health. So, our aim is to lift your whole body's health profile back to a level where it can actually begin to self-correct ailments that have crept in gradually - perhaps over the years, even. We like to work with you as part of your health team and believe that our contribution plays an integral and fundamental part in your recovery.

Declining Health

If you are in declining health, you are exhibiting vague signs and symptoms.

  • Subtle body composition changes
  • Increasing Metabolic Imbalances
  • Mental-Emotional Unrest

Being in this health zone means you require Regular Wellness Assessments, Health Coaching and Follow-up.

A successful return to Optimal Health and Vitality is a strong probability. Failure to intervene at this stage may lead to Poor Health.

Poor Health

The signs and symptoms become more severe and comprise Low Vitality and Continued Loss of Strength accompanied with Pronounced Signs and Symptoms. It involves:
  • Marked shifts in Body Composition
  • Increased Metabolic Dysfunction
  • Associated Mental/Emotional distress.

Contributing Lifestyle and Nutritional factors to Poor Health:

If you are subject to any of the following, your health may well be at risk.

  • incomplete Nutrition
  • Compromised Digestion
  • Accumulation of Toxins
  • Insufficient Exercise and Poor Biomechanics
  • Mental, Emotional distress

Chronic Illness versus Acute Crisis

The health risk associated with the above factors manifests invariably as a Chronic illness that occurs with a gradual progress and often worsens with time.

Acute, critical health problems on the other hand occur with a sudden onset and may require heroic intervention. In some cases, such as cold and 'flu, such illnesses can be well treated by using Ryevital (a specialty preparation, made in our lab), and/or herbal and homœopathic medicine, combined with the correct nutritional medicine. Such events may also include traumatic injuries that are well treated by Frequency Specific micro current.

Most chronic conditions respond to natural medicine, which can often produce a positive health outcome. It is our belief that the origin of chronic disease is usually  undernutrition. The  MIMS Disease Index states that very few Australians can escape disease caused by undernutrition at some time in their lives. Mims is the bible of doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

Read more about Wellness Outcomes and restoring health from undernutrition

Bridging the Gap

Our wellness programmes are pitched to bridge the gap between disease from undernutrition and wellness.

We are agreeing with Mims and saying that if you can correct this condition disease from undernutrition CAN BE REVERSED.

That is our belief, that is our mission and that is our reward.


So just what exactly is disease?

It is our belief that there is rarely an absolute State of Disease, rather a fluctuating state of ill-health. We call this a Health-disease Continuum. So it may be possible to reverse the ill-health state back to good health simply by making necessary changes to your body's environment of foods, nutrients and lifestyle.

That means to you that we believe that a state of ill health is frequently a state of disease.


The bottom line is that we believe your absolute state of health can only be compromised by four vectors of distress. They are :

  • Physical / structural
  • Nutritional / chemical
  • Mental / emotional and
  • Electromagnetic Radiation.


This includes postural (e.g. from sedentary occupations) or traumatic distress (e.g. from new or old injuries such as Motor Vehicle Accidents, sport etc)


This mainly refers to distress caused by undernutrition, food allergy and chemical food additives such as preservatives, treatment chemicals - as well as imbalance in food types (particularly proteins, fats and carbohydrates) as well as minerals and vitamins..


This distress originates from agricultural pesticides, chemicals in water-treatment works, food preservatives and atmospheric pollutants.

Mental and Emotional

This is usually more intense in women due to their more highly-developed limbic system (a section in the brain controlling emotional response, which is formed in embryo under the effect of oestrogen).
As it also houses the major messenger hormone-generating gland (called the hypothalamus), it is my belief that it is possible for continued engagement of the Limbic system - by emotional stress - will generate heightened activity and ultimate exhaustion of target endocrine glands, which in turn will lead to physical illnesses.

It is our task to help you to identify and nullify these vectors. It is our belief that by so doing your chances of being healthy again are greatly increased.

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State of Disease

The rate of all diseases (mostly labelled Auto-immune Disease) is on the increase. In the 10 years between 1980 and 1990, the rate of auto-immune disease had doubled. Whether it be lifestyle diabetes (Type II), scaly skin disorder, reddened and itchy skin, wheezy chest, painful and swollen joints*, Attention difficulty or, infertility, obesity, prostate cysts and fibrous tumours, breast cysts and fibrous tumours, CFS* or others.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was only officially recognised in 1988[1] .

Not only that, but also the incidence of age-related diseases such as memory loss, greying hair, skin cysts and fibrous tumours, declining bone density and early menopause and others have jumped.

By 1998 American research by Murray and Pizzorno showed that 21.4% of men in the 45-64 age group suffered from rheumatoid arthritis alone. In women, this figure jumped to 33.9%.

If you thought the situation had improved, you would be mistaken. At a recent seminar on childhood illness held in March, 2003 at Manly, New South Wales, child health researcher Matthew Legge announced that the incidence of childhood reddened and itchy skin had increased by a factor of 2,000 percent in the last ten years.

These are classic cases of what can be managed by addressing the four vectors in a systematic way, because it is our contention that by addressing nutritional, lifestyle and attitudinal issues much of this type if illness can be improved somewhat. Even better, with good Health Coaching it may be prevented.

What is a Health Coach?

A health coach is one who understands the individual nutritional needs of your body ? just as a personal trainer understands the best types of exercise for you.

Do you need Health Coaching?

Fitness needs not only exercise but also the essential nutritional components needed by the liver to generate much-needed energy, blood, bone, connective and muscle tissue. These should be carefully supplemented in balance and moderation. Many sporting clubs are currently in trouble for getting this wrong. Giving you a healthy balance is our mission. Let us be your Health Coach.

Wellness Assessments

A Wellness Assessment is a structured, highly detailed investigation of your current physical condition. It is a multi faceted process that relies on a series of questions (the Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) ) and a number of non invasive diagnostic techniques such as Bio Metric Impedance Analysis. The Wellness Assessment is best performed in a face-to-face consultation, but can be done over the phone, if required ( see our Programs ).

[1] Ann Intern Med 108 (1988): 387-9

Murray, M, Pizzorno J, Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, (Rev 2nd Edn,), Rocklin, CA)

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