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At Lane Cove Wellness Centre we offer a wide range of health assessment and management services.

We can call on a wide variety of specialist practitioners including:


These experts can help you identify and manage your health concerns using modern, safe and effective techniques.

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Your health assessment


At Lane Cove Wellness Centre we do not rely solely on the orthodox battery of blood tests to assess an individual's health status. The body's homoeostatic mechanisms are designed to maintain blood levels of most factors within very narrow limits. Our methods may pick up subtler issues that may assist us in improving your wellness. 

All programs at Lane Cove Wellness Centre incorporate the use of such assessment methods. These methods may help us detect when an individual needs to have reversed health challenges such as fatigue or tiredness. This allows us to implement a wellness programme before your health deteriorates too much - that is in the Zone of Preferred Intervention.

Regular further assessments can detect a shift from an anabolic state (when cell repair exceeds breakdown) to a catabolic state (when cell breakdown exceeds repair).

This ability to detect very subtle shifts in cellular health makes it possible to "fine tune" our clients' diet and lifestyle modifications and maximise the effectiveness of their nutritional support.

 Our method may provide the most reliable technique available to assess body composition, and allows easy monitoring of changes in lean muscle, fat and intra/extracellular water.

 Consultations around standard health assessments are relatively quick and therefore low in cost. 


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Pain Management


The Lane Cove Wellness Centre specialises in helping people who are suffering from chronic or severe
pain. We provide a comprehensive wellness program that can incorporate many
assessment and treatment programs which can significantly alleviate chronic


Contact us to arrange a pain management consultation


Email us at  Info@wellnesscentre.com.au  or call us at  1300 722 625


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Weight Loss


Normalise your weight. Get that summer figure
you've always wanted.

Let us help you to try to not only lose weight but
also improve your health and vitality. Our special screening tests will reveal
possible reasons for present ill health - and overweight – so that we may map
out a wellness strategy for you.

Ask for a free consultation on how our low reactive
diets work and what they can do for your health.

So, learn an effective and fun way to help reduce
weight and improve your health and vitality at the same time.

Just what IS "Targeted Nutrition"?

Pop in and find out or book in for an assessment of your fat to muscle ratio and a
brief look at the plan. You will be surprised just how easy it all is - not
only to lose weight but also to keep it off. Our aim is to reduce unwanted body fat steadily and at the same time normalise muscle. Why? That means that you will look healthier and not have that typical gaunt appearance.


Contact us to arrange a weight loss program


Email us at  Info@wellnesscentre.com.au  or call us at  1300 722 625

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Preconception planning


What is a preconception plan?


Preconception planning aims to:



    • Ensure  that you achieve optimum health in preparation for a successful pregnancy,


    • Help  you maintain your health throughout pregnancy and


    • Ensure that your baby is happy, HEALTHY, and bright and


    • Enable you to remain strong and vital throughout breast feeding. and


    • Ensure that your baby receives optimum nutrition throughout the whole process



Who might benefit from a healthy preconception
programme? Just about everybody!


Here's why:


Many factors in today's living conditions conspire
to denude your body of vital nutritional reserves. Some of those factors are:



    • Poor mineral content of Australia's topsoil and water supply




    • Highly refined and processed foods


    • Storage of foods for long periods


    • Refrigeration


    • Freezing


    • Boiling


    • or other forms of cooking



Not only that, but also you may suffer from
contamination of food and water. Such contaminants cmayhave a negative impact on your liver
function - essential for well-being and health - of you and the future little



    • Pesticide contamination


    • Storage chemicals


    • Preservatives in prepared foods found in the local supermarket  



So, whether you are young or old, you and your baby
can benefit from a preconception programme.  


"But what if I'm over 32 and thinking of falling pregnant , I might
have been a smoker and drinker also?"


A pre-conception program may be of benefit to
you if you are trying to fall pregnant and:  


·         Have experienced miscarriages



    • Are any child bearing age


    • Are a smoker


    • Are a drinker


    • Want to have the best chance for a healthy baby


Not only that, but also you may have been exposed
to pollutants (from smoke, pesticides, demolition sites - especially house
renovations) and be worried that the toxicity may affect a future embryo.

Whatever your situation, our preconception
programme has shown us that you may have a more successful pregnancy than you
might otherwise expect.

How is all of this possible? Our routine tests
highlight heavy metal intoxication, tendency to allergy, liver efficiency and
current cellular toxicity. Then, by using our targeted nutrition programme, you
may improve your own - you're your partner's – health, and your
ability to carry a successful pregnancy. Your health and that of your baby may be superior and that you may also
actually have a heavier and more intelligent baby.  (Reference Foresight International)

So, just how do you go about this interesting
process? Firstly, ask us to send you the information package. If you wish, have
a chat with one of our naturopaths and we'll outline our programme. From there,
it is a quick and easy process to get the relevant information to you. If you can get in to see us, so much the better.


Email us at  Info@wellnesscentre.com.au  or call us at  1300 722 625


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Sleep Apnoea CPAP Therapy


Sleep Apnoea is a condition that affects a large
proportion of the population. Many sufferers do not realise that they are
affected by it. In fact, your partner is probably in a better position to
notice whether you suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)
than you are.


An obvious symptom of OSA is snoring, however not
all snorers suffer from OSA. And sometimes OSA is a silent condition. When you sleep your tongue and soft palate naturally hold your airway open allowing you to breathe. If the muscles relax
too much, breathing in will cause the floppy muscles to vibrate and sound a


OSA differs from snoring when the throat is
particularly narrow or the muscles relax too much during sleep causing the
airway to become blocked. The obvious give away that differentiates OSA from
snoring is a snore followed by a period of silence. After a period of time
(anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes) the brain will realize that there is a
lack of oxygen and arouse the body to wake. This arousal may not be on a
conscious level and the sleeper may not realize it. This cycle is repeated all
through the night and the sleeper never falls into a deep, refreshing sleep.
Instead they feel tired, irritable and often lack concentration and memory.


What can you do about it?


The first step is to see you local GP and s/he will
refer you to a specialist. The process will then include a number of overnight
sleep studies where your sleep will be monitored and assessed.


What is CPAP?


CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. CPAP is
delivered via a CPAP machine, which delivers a flow of air pressure via a mask.
This flow of air pressure supports the airway preventing a blockage from occurring
so normal breathing can take place a more refreshing night’s sleep.


How We Can Help You


After your sleep studies you will receive a
prescription for a pressure for the CPAP machine to be set to and a mask. The
Lane Cove Wellness Centre specialise in supplying all major brands of CPAP
machines and masks.


Our qualified CPAP consultant will help you decide
which CPAP machine and humidifier suit you best.


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Individual Wellness Outcomes


What are "Wellness


This describes the health aspirations of the modern
person - we don't just want to be treated for an illness - we want to get
better. We aren't happy with growing old gracefully - we want to feel youthful and
vibrant for as long as possible. And, if we are considering kids, we don't just
want to have a healthy baby while still in our twenties. We want to have a
rich, rewarding and fulfilling career and a lively, interesting youth, then to
have a baby in our thirties or forties - or even fifties. And, of course, THAT
baby has to be happy and healthy.


It's happening all over the world and it's
happening here!


You see the goal of the modern health care practitioner
is to keep up with all these aspirations.


It means that health care practitioners have to develop
new specialties - break new ground in attitude and direction. The new local naturopath
is actually a collection of people these days - doctor, physio, natural
therapist and chiro - as the HCF ad could well say.


And the actual practitioners themselves need to
change also. That's why I studied to become a naturopath, homoeopath,
nutritionist and herbalist.


Why nutrition and herbal medicine? Well, our job as
a pharmacist has always been to support the work of our doctors and consider
ourselves part of the health care team. With wellness outcomes now being the
focus of 60% of the population (according to a recent survey) there is an
additional "team" job to do as part of this support structure. That
job is to support - or complement - "treatment" aspects of the
patient's needs to the next step they want to arrive at.


That's why I wanted to add to my pharmacist skills.
I wanted to be where my clients were - and hopefully take them to where they
want to go. You see, it is my belief that sound nutrition is the fundamental
requirement of good health - and therefore is essential to wellness outcomes.


To achieve wellness means to recover FULLY from
a chronic health challenges if possible. More and more people are finding that to be




By becoming responsible for their own health outcomes.


How do they do that?


The main way is by gathering information.
Information on food, vitamins, minerals and lifestyle and their place in the
health equation.


So the modern nutritionist sees himself as the
vehicle containing that information. It is my belief that our nutritional
training should be directed in making a person independent of natural
therapists in a sense - that he or she should be educated into being able to
make the correct choices.


As a naturopath also, I like to incorporate the healing
aspects of homoeopathy, herbal medicine, other energetic medicines and
techniques and Frequency Specific deep tissue therapy (FSM) therapy to hasten
the "healing".


So an Individual Wellness Outcome is the result of
learning about the choices you can make in improving your own health. The Lane
Cove Wellness Centre can help you make this possible!


Contact us to arrange a Wellness Program now!


Email us at  Info@wellnesscentre.com.au  or call us at  1300 722 625


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Massage Therapy


Massage is a powerful tool designed to release the
stress of daily living as well as treating specific muscular, tissue or
skeletal issues.


There are many types of massage available at the
Lane Cove Wellness Centre. We have a variety of highly skilled, fully qualified
massage therapists.


We can offer:



    • Reiki


    • Deep Tissue


    • Remedial


    • Swedish


    • Shiatsu


    • Pregnancy



Feel Free to call us on 02 9420 4959 or Contact us via Email to arrange a session with one of our
therapists  Email us at  Info@wellnesscentre.com.au  or call us at  1300 722 625


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Naturopathy is a broad area that has a distinctively evidence-based natural approach to health and healing.


It’s important to understand that naturopathy
recognises the integrity of the whole person. Health and health challenges are conditions
of the whole organism involving a complex interaction of physical
environmental and spiritual, mental, genetic, social , chemical and other


The naturopathic physician must treat the whole person by taking
all of these factors into account. The harmonious functioning of all aspects of
the individual is essential to recovery from and prevention of health challenges, and
requires a personalised and comprehensive approach to health assessment and treatment.


The physicians major role is to educate the patient
to take responsibility for his or her own health. The physician is a catalyst
for positive change leading to the patient becoming empowered and motivated to
assume responsibility. It is you, the patient, and not the naturopath who
ultimately accomplishes healing.


The ethos of the naturopath is first do no harm.
Treatments are non-invasive and recognise that symptoms are the body's
expression of a deeper illness and must not be ignored. Therapeutic actions
should be complementary to and synergistic with this healing process.
Therefore, methods designed to suppress symptoms without removing underlying
causes are considered harmful and are only used in a deliberate and calculated


Illness does not occur without cause. Underlying
causes of health challenges must be discovered and removed before a person can recover
completely from illness. Symptoms are expressions of the body's attempt to
heal, but are not the cause of health challenges. Symptoms, therefore, should not be
suppressed by treatment. Causes may occur on many levels including physical,
mental, emotional and spiritual. The physician must evaluate fundamental
underlying causes and direct treatment at root causes rather than surface


Contact us to arrange a visit to our Naturopath


Email us at  Info@wellnesscentre.com.au  or call us at  1300 722 625




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An iridologist examines the density of the iris
fibres, patterns, colours, structures and degrees of lightness and darkness to
reveal if an area has potential for being strong or weak, irritated or has
degeneration in the tissues or organs.


The complex iris is thought to have thousands of nerve endings
that are connected through impulses to every tissue of the body through the
brain and nervous system. The nerve fibres respond specifically to tissue and
organ potential conditions with a corresponding reflex manifested in the iris
as lacunae or colour variations.


The iris alerts us to potential early signs of
imbalances in the body. It is then up to us to make changes in our life that
can create positive results. This remarkable communication system in the iris
gives a clear and complete picture of overall health potential and is a simple
and painless way of obtaining that information. An iridologist observes the
patterns found in the eyes and explains corresponding associations and guides natural


Contact us to arrange an Iridology appointment


Email us at  Info@wellnesscentre.com.au  or call us at  1300 722 625


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Frequency Specific Frequency Specific deep tissue therapy (FSM) Therapy


Frequency Specific Frequency Specific deep tissue
therapy (FSM)
is a new therapy which has been made
available commercially. Just as Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI)
is sensitive to the electromagnetic field of the various body tissues, so does Frequency
Specific deep tissue therapy (FSM) DONATE resonant energy to the same fields.
It can do this because the frequencies of this extremely low amperage
(1/1,000,000 of an amp) can be adjusted specifically from each of two channels
to exactly neutralise the vibrational field of the target inflammatory
condition and be directed directly into the target tissue.


Its low amperage and voltage (minus 75 millivolts
of electrical potential identical with your own nerve cells) means that the
current is transmitted INSIDE the cells of the body. It is four billion times
more subtle and specific that the commonly used electric pulse therapy used in
physical therapy. (This latter treatment merely floods pain receptors and
causes muscle contraction, as the current from this passes outside cells).


"As an internist I have been taught that healing takes time and
requires patience. In my 20 years in medicine I have never experienced any
treatment or therapy that provides relief and results as quickly as Frequency
Specific Frequency Specific deep tissue therapy (FSM). I have been amazed and
pleased. "
- Robert Lerman, MD, PhD Gig Harbour, Wa.




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A nutritionist looks at the picture of your body's
total nutrient intake in a wholistic manner. By that I mean that we are not
only interested in the things that a dietician likes to consider but also we view
the functional performance of your cellular tissue.


Let me explain:


In order to convert lamb chops and lentils with
rice to its smallest components and then into healthy tissue, your body needs
live enzyme activity. These enzymes are catalysts that make it all happen. It
is a poorly held fact that all enzymes need vitamins and minerals to make them


That means to you that few people will have
complete enzyme activity as over 80% of people are deficient in one or more
trace minerals in their daily diet. To make matters worse, most vitamin
supplements don't cater for all of these deficiencies. To make it worse again,
an imbalanced supplement can actually drive a deficiency into the wrong


The bottom line is that the only
answer is to supplement the daily diet with a correctly balanced formulation.
Once we have restored sufficient reserves of trace elements, vitamins and fatty
acids in your tissue reserves, only then will your cellular activity return to normal
functioning and with it your health and energy profile (wellness).


Why can't I just tell you what to do right now in
order to hit your peak? The answer is that with over 100 essential
nutrients to think about and thousands of enzymes that are activated by various
combinations of them, the chances of me getting it right for you are quite
small without more information.


We need to know all about what you eat, what
aspects of your health are a concern , how long you've been feeling "off
", what you do every day, where you're placed in your personal space,
which biological system is playing up, if your gut is dysbiotic and more. That's why we have developed a unique
and comprehensive questionnaire system to give us all of this information in
logical, concise sequence so that we can make some assessments on your behalf.


In the process, we may need to see you as well to
conduct a full physical examination and to put together our subjective and
objective assessments in order to be able to give you a full report. It's the
difference between functional medicine and reactive medicine.


Contact our Nutritionist to make an appointment


Email us at  Info@wellnesscentre.com.au  or call us at  1300 722 625


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Functional Medicine


Functional medicine is the meeting place of the
arts and the sciences and is the Nirvana of all seekers of wellness. It is the
restoration to fullest possible functioning of your body's cellular tissue.


What does this mean? You see, if you
are not well, it means that your body is not functioning 100%. You
instinctively know that but it's usually almost impossible to communicate this
to anybody, let alone a medico or naturopath. So what do you usually finish up
with after a visit? Usually yet another prescription for pharmaceutical medicine or maybe a bottle of herbs and some terrific advice such as keep an eye on it.
And if it doesn't improve in a few weeks (or whatever), make another
appointment?. And that's about it. (You know, in a way I'm really jealous of
those blokes - they know how to fill up waiting rooms real fast).


We call that reactive medicine, merely treating the symptoms and saying
"Bye for now!" – whether from a doctor or naturopath.


Functional medicine, in Dr Jeffrey Bland's words, is hard. It's hard
because it requires the practitioner to work on observation and research. And to spend time on you. And to
be prepared to work through layers of issues with you. And keep working until
you get to the bottom of things. And then to work even harder to come up with
the right answers that your cellular tissue (enzymes) will respond to and start
to give you back what you really want from the bottom of your heart 

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