Fertility and Preconception Care

What can our preconception plan do for your fertility?

Our Fertility planning tries to:

Who might benefit from a healthy preconception programme? Just about everybody who wants to become pregnant or trying to impregnate a partner!

Not only that but also, according to the Australian Dietary Survey and the Nutrition Almanac, nutritional supplementation in pregnant women is vital because the woman is actually growing the child herself, therefore she will need normal adult nutrition as well as to replenish the extra nutritional input her growing child will withdraw from the deposits in her own nutritional reserves.

Does that mean that your sperm quality and quantity may benefit?

It has been our finding that sperm count can increase substantially on our male preconception plan. It stands to reason that this should be so. The late Dr John Lees found in the eighties that sperm counts had been gradually declining over the previous fifty years. While he attributed this solely to the influence of pesticide contamination - especially DDT - we believe that it is also due to declining nutritional input due to over-refined foods and the declining quality of town water supplies.

In exactly the same way, pesticides and poor nutritional input have interfered with the development of normal ovary follicular cells.

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