How to Achieve Wellness Outcomes

Wellness Outcomes and How to Achieve Them.

What do you mean by “Wellness Outcome”?

This describes the health aspirations of the modern person: That is – We don’t just want to be treated for an illness –We wants to get better. We are’nt just happy with growing old gracefully – we want to stay young and vibrant for as long as possible. The modern woman doesn’t just want to have a healthy baby while she’s still in her twenties. She wants to have a rich, rewarding and fulfilling career and a lively, interesting youth, then wants to have a baby in her thirties or forties – or even fifties. She wants THAT baby to be happy and healthy.

It’s happening all over the world and it’s happening here.

You see…the tenet of the modern health care worker is to keep up with all these aspirations.

It means that health care workers have to develop new specialties – break new ground in attitude and direction. The new local GP is actually a collection of people these days – doctor, physio, natural therapist and chiropractic – as the HCF ad could well say.

And the actual practitioners themselves need to change also. That’s why I studied to become a naturopath, homoeopath, nutritionist and herbalist.

Why nutrition and herbal medicine? Well, our job as a pharmacist has always been to support the work of our doctors and consider ourselves part of the health care team. With wellness outcomes now being the focus of 60% of the population (according to a recent survey) there is an additional “team” job to do as part of this support structure. That job is to support – or complement –  “treatment” aspects of the patient’s needs to the next step they want to arrive at.

That’s why I wanted to add to my pharmacist skills. I wanted to be where my clients were – and hopefully take them to where they want to go. You see, it is my belief that sound nutrition is the fundamental requirement of good health – and therefore is essential to wellness outcomes.

To achieve wellness means to recover FULLY from a chronic disease if possible. More and more people are finding that to be possible.


By becoming responsible for their own health outcomes.

How do they do that?

The main way is by gathering information. Information on food, vitamins, minerals and lifestyle and their place in the health equation.

So the modern nutritionist sees himself as the vehicle containing that information.  It is my belief that our nutritional training should be directed in making a person independent of natural therapists in a sense – that he or she should be educated into being able to make the correct choices.

As a naturopath also, I like to incorporate the healing aspects of homoeopathy, herbal medicine, other energetic medicines and techniques and microcurrent therapy to hasten the “healing”.