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Hullo all. It is Spring again and you may start sneezing a lot shortly. ‘Oh, so he is going to write one of those boring pieces on anti-histamines’, do I hear you groan collectively?

Well, no, actually. I am going to write an extremely interesting story about your collective guts.

So what’s that got to do with sneezing, you ask in surprise? After all, sneezing in Spring is caused by pollen and similar particles. These are inhaled through the nose and mouth, garner an attack from antibodies, release histamine and – hey presto – you’re sneezing.

Why are you more susceptible to this problem if you have leaky gut? Well, with leaky gut comes similarly inefficient and challenged mucous membrane everywhere – it just spreads from the gut, like a scowl in a classroom – and along with it a trigger-happy immune system. So, your body is geared up to react to ANY “foreign” particle immediately, if not sooner.



It happens that if you develop a condition, known as “leaky gut”, food particles which would normally be digested completely in the gut (stomach and intestine) may enter your bloodstream.  Leaky gut happens when your gut dries out and develops fissures (cracks). These particles can trigger off an internal inflammatory response which can make you sneeze – and give you other problems as well, such as painful joints and chest tightness and rashes, to name a few. (Check the details on our website).





It’s like this. Your gut is composed of a mucous membrane layer and a laminate of muscle layers. The mucous membrane is itself coated with a living, thriving, writhing layer of live bacteria and fungi of many types, all controlled by ninety-plus species of the acidophilus family. Numbering about a billion trillion cells, these, keep the gut protected. By comparison you only have about a trillion human cells in your body. While some of these may become harmful to the host organism (yes, that means you over there with the itchy nose), left alone to their own devices they all live co-operatively.



I’m afraid so. This bacterial colony combines to keep the gut richly endowed with a lubricated, stimulated, automated, self-cleansing surface and just as importantly, it generally prevents “rogue” bacteria or parasites from growing in your intestines. Yep – I mean worms – and other nasties. And also they stop the gut from drying out and cracking.







But they can be killed off by mistake. And it’s a big mistake. If you happen to strike too many artificial food preservatives, antibiotics and other well known gut-affecting medications like Brufen, Vioxx, Mobic, Voltaren[i] or similar anti-inflammatory medications,**  They may all combine to cause partial or complete drying out of your mucous membrane which leads to “leaky gut” and fungal overgrowth*. Similarly, alcohol and food sensitivity will damage these bugs and your gut over a period of time, according to Prof Robert Allen[ii][1], a Melbourne medical practitioner. He also reveals that the normally semi-permeable mucosal layer can become permeable – or “leaky” – allowing small food particles and large bacteria to drift into your bloodstream.

* Fungal overgrowth gives you sensitivities to mould, weakens your immune          system and be a contributing factor to chronic fatigue, and metabolic syndrome       and even pre-diabetes   (hypoglycaemia).

**        Ask your pharmacist if your medication is in one of these categories.




In turn your auto-immune system slips into alarm mode, which means that lots of histamine is released into your blood as antibodies commence their attack. Histamine causes redness and swelling both inside your body, in your lungs, nose, throat and eyes and also visibly on the skin (rashes and welts). The giant mast cells release those antibodies which attack the food particles and histamine and other “alarm” chemicals along with them. These other chemical “messengers” quickly reach the brain, which issues some panic commands.



One of these commands is to order your pituitary gland to release natural opiates or endorphins. This gland is located above the nose, behind the forehead. (In Ayuverda, this is the second chakra). But wait – there’s more, Tim… It happens that codeine, morphine and heroin are similar to our endorphins. What then do endorphins do? Mainly, they eliminate pain and make you feel good – sometimes, very, very good.


The real problem with leaky gut and food sensitivity is that becausethe gut has no sensory nerves to tell you that it is itchy and endorphins are addictive, paradoxically this makes you become “hooked” on a food which may trigger this response, all the while silently harming your gut lining.




The bottom line is that the specialised mast cells in the lungs and nose which react to these insults give a lusty squirt of histamine and antibodies as soon as a pretty flower so much as looks sideways at you.

And that makes you sneeze.





How can we get out of this mess and where does that leave us with leaky gut? Simple.


In the short term, ask your chemist or naturopath to show you our exclusive RyeVital natural remedy. These are made from young shoots of Secale cereale green grass and are very beneficial in reducing inflammation and quelling the hyperactive mast cells and have stopped sneezing within fifteen seconds. They were also trialled by Prof Douglas as an anti-viral remedy. They were so successful in preventing the ‘flu in his trial that it confused his statistics. Everybody should have them in his or her medicine cabinet, in my opinion.


Next, you ask us to show you our preferred “friendly” bacteria supplements which help restore layers of deficient “friendly” bugs and also our most efficient prebiotics and postbiotics which kill the bad bugs and repair the gut.


This eventually removes THE major reason for getting hay fever and being over sensitive to pollen, sinusitis, arthritis and rashes, according to Prof Allen.


Contact Phil Wade of Lane Cove Wellness Centre who specialises in immunity and food allergy and you’re in business for a happy Spring season. That means that you can direct your attention to the Spring business at hand – forming warming human relationships without mucus malfunctions interfering with a potentially life-changing, personal lip-lock. (Yes Al, that could be your missus, too – think about it).







[ii] PP Guide, 2002.

[ii] [ii] Allen R, 2005, Journal of Complementary Medicine July/August 2005; 4:4:35



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