Bone density

Bone density

Porous Bones

Porous bones are not inevitable may be avoid able. I say this from many years of clinical research and practice. At Lane Cove Wellness Center, we believe strongly that much porous bones that occurs in can be avoid ed.

Definition of porous bones
Basically, this means that the pores of your bones become bigger. In other words, your bones lose mass and volume. This is taken as to mean automatically that your bones lose density. While this may appear to obey the laws of physics (density = mass/volume) it does not necessarily follow. How can I question a law? Well, think about it. If your bones lose mineral composition, slowly and over a long period of time), they will lose mass. If they occupy the same volume they will lose density. That obeys the law so far. However, if your bones also lose collagen matrix during the same period, they will lose volume simultaneously. In this case, the density remains the same (D=M/V) because THE OVERALL BONE MASS AND VOLUME SUBSIDE IN ROUGHLY EQUAL AMOUNTS.

That’s why tests for “bone density” rarely give the right picture for porous bones.

Causes of porous bones

Basically, anything that causes your body to lose calcium faster than it gains it will cause porous bones. Obvious causes therefore are:

the teenage growth spurt (where porous bones rapidly causes scoliosis in the growing body);
breast feeding
acidic blood
leaky gut
dairy allergy

So, for us to understand how to help to reverse porous bones, we need to know its cause. That needs earnest case-taking from our perspective in our clinic. This involves:

A collection of all of your symptoms
A systematic interpretation of your symptoms
A thorough naturopathic physical examination
A complete study of your diet/lifestyle
A structured report-of-findings (ROF) giving you a strategy for help to reverse and a maintenance programme to help avoid a return of the porous bones

Of course, claiming to be able to avoid something immediately conflicts with the laws of evidence, that say, fundamentally, that you have to get sick before an avoidance of the problem can be proven. So, the laws of evidence regarding “avoidance of the problem”; must, by definition, be something completely different in your training and life’s experience, whether a medical practitioner or lay person.

Please contact for instructions on how to work out your potential solution.

“Evidence for avoidance of the problem”
To show that you can avoid something, you have to note that it would have happened before your intervention occurs.