compounding different forms of medicines

compounding different forms of medicines

Range of tailor made medicines

Menopausal Hormone preparations are some of the most valuable medicines that you can obtain from our compounding lab. The reason why is that they are identical to your own hormones that your body always produces – or should produce. Capsules, creams and troches are the usual form but the most strongly recommended form by Dr Kenna Stephenson is the cream. We provide a special cream base that takes the drug deep into your tissue where it is released slowly, and may produce more stable blood levels.


This pharmacy offers a full consulting service to patients, GPs and specialists in regards to dosage forms. While creams are the preferred method of administering bio-identical hormones for a most consistent result, their dosage requirement varies substantially from troches. Our pharmacist consultant will be able to advise on the optimum dosage for your patient. If you are the patient, feel free to discuss this with us and we will be happy to collaborate with your prescribing physician.

But there are other types of hormones than sex hormones that are available to help your body find its natural rhythm. Such hormones include:

the sleep hormone and also said to be the anti-ageing hormone that is available and can be compounded in the lab. This now available as a standard prescription shelf pack but it is often better advised to make a dose and in a base that is right for you, as different people have different needs. I cannot mention its name but contact us for more details and pricing.

Cholecalciferol (or vitamin D3) is another hormone that has been found lately to help promote health and better bone quality in far higher doses than previously thought.
Whole thyroid hormone, that contains all five hormones that are present in a thyroid gland. This is relevant if you have had your thyroid removed, as one of these natural hormones, called calcitonin, is responsible for maintaining good bone health. That is why a complete extract of the gland, called Armour Thyroid, is a helpful adjunct in thyroid hormone replacement therapy.

Infant Refluxing of stomach contents

This problem can be addressed humanely by giving a flavoured mixture of the drug that is the most commonly prescribed drug for helping to cut down this distressing malady of reflux in infants. The acid-reducing drug can be obtained from us in any form of course, but the most commonly prescribed form is by mixture. It is critical to prepare this mixture correctly, as it must be pH adjusted for stability. We also take great pains to flavour and sweeten this mixture to mask the intensely bitter taste of the drug. Contact us for details and we would be glad to collaborate with your GP or specialist to suggest just the right dose for your infant’s needs, as poorly stabilised and ineffective mixtures may lead to prescribing unnecessarily high doses.

Pain relief

Had permanent spinal injury and are in constant pain? Our consultant can advise on the optimum dosage form for your pain. Did you know that there are many different types of nerve pain receptors? Each one may be deactivated by relatively harmless topical doses of even the most potent drugs. Incorporated into a skin application that allows for accurate delivery of the drug right to where it is needed, selecting the right combination is critical. If you apply these combinations to the trigger point in the spine, it allows up to a fifty times greater tissue level of the drug right where it is needed and yet even Ketamine produces such a low blood level that it has negligible side effects.

Let me explain… You see … spinal damage can cause trauma to the sensory nerves that return to the brain via the “dorsal horn” ganglia in your spine. That means to you that damage to the spine may irritate one of these nerves and your brain will perceive the pain as coming from elsewhere in your body. E.g. damage to a lower spinal joint, e.g. S1, may cause tremendous and ongoing pain to be perceived as coming from your feet.

Similarly, L5 damage causes pain in a calf muscle, and so on. It is on the skin in the L5 joint that you will apply an anaesthetic or other nerve-block, obtain instant relief and yet suffer little of the side-effects that would be caused were you to take these drugs orally. Similarly, neck (cervical) joints can play havoc with upper arms, forearm, various fingers and your scapula, not to mention an exceedingly sensitive scalp and neck. It just depends on which particular nerve is affected.

A parallel set of nerves emerges from the spine to control movement and function of organs.

If these nerves suffer damage, then you may experience organ malfunction, such as difficult and painful urination, prostate and sex organ issues. S3 controls the activity or capability of your sex organs, so spinal issues at L3 can play havoc with your sex life. Lower lumbar nerves control digestive organ and colon functions.

Our consultant Naturopath uses a very simple tests to determine which joint is affected, called a dermatome neurological examination. If you would like your spine assessed for issues such as this, please contact us for a dermatome exam.

Our pharmacist consultant can advise your medical practitioner on a suitable dosage regime for a pain releif ointment to anaesthetise your troublesome spinal joint.

In this way, we can make an ointment that may greatly reduce your dependence on opiate drugs, NSAIDS and other drugs whose continual dosing orally may cause you unpleasant side effects, such as irritation and ulceration in your stomach or intestines; always feeling drowsy and mentally “slow”, and other side effects.

So, we can include in the highly potent ointment drugs that all possess valuable analgesic actions and yet their use orally is greatly restricted due to their potent side effects. These side-effects are negligible when the drug is applied topically (on the skin). So, it makes sense to use them in this way.


But we also make nutritional supplements! Are you frustrated in trying to find the ideal multivitamin/mineral? Well, the world’s first perfect multivitamin/mineral, MVM 12:78, has now arrived. In our lab, we now field dozens of requests every week for a preparation that contains all the vitamins (in doses that are proportionate to your body’s actual absorption requirements) and in amounts that complement dietary deficiencies. In fact, we don’t call it a vitamin – we call it a food supplement because it only makes up for the difference in what your food and water do not provide.

Lately, we have even incorporated freeze-dried greens, a pure whey protein from the NZ Cheese-making industry, and – all in all – 105 valuable dietary elements that your body cannot make for itself and that are deficient in today’s average Australian diet.*

*(Ref: Aust Dietary Survey; Nutrition Almanac)

And mineral supplements should provide traces of all the minerals that your body may need to attain perfect health – not just a few key ones that might be trendy. Check us out and we just might also turn your health around and give you a new lease on life.