Stroke and nerve recovery

Stroke and nerve recovery.

Neurones can “hibernate” for a period of time following an ischaemic event (deprived of regular blood and oxygen supply).

They may do this ny shutting down all activity and conserving their ATP. If Co Q10 and adenosine are administered following a stroke, then brain activity may have a good chance of recovery. I also give micelle E and EPA/DHA/ simultaneously to help restore circulation and this had a good effect on a client a few days after the stroke. Having been completely paraplysed on the right side with no voice, he was walking and talking normally after 6 months.

Ubiquinone (Co-enzyme Q10) and adenosine were given in an effort to help production of mitochondrial ATP in the oxygen deprived neurones. (Henry Osiecki once gave a lecture along those lines regarding adenosine). The fact that it worked indicates that at the time of the stroke, the nerves hibernated rather than simply necrosed immediately they became ischaemic.