ADD or Attention Defecit Disorder and ADD with hyperactiviyt (ADHD) are almost completely preventable and largely treatable by using natural therapy. Let me explain.

You see… here at the Lane Cove Wellness Center our research over the years has revealed that the human brain has an infinite capacity to regenerate cells. Your brain does this all the time when you are forming a new memory. This phenomenon is called neuro-plasticity*. But as well as outside stimuli, your brain needs the right nutritional input to form healthy cells**. This has always been obvious to us but is now proven. And not that it has been proven it is OK for us to tell you publicly.

* Prof Marion Kruzel, International Conference on Psychoneuroimmunology, Gold Coast, June Long Weekend, 2007.

**Dr Hyla Cass, Latest Advances in Natural Medicine in Psychology and Psychiatry Conference, Brisbane 2016.

Developing in the Womb

Not only the brain of your developing embryo form properly but all of the body can. All is needs is the correct range of nutrients. Many nutrients are involved in brain development – such iodine and omega-3 oils that have been specially prepared to a pharmaceutical grade. That is why we have a system called “Preconception Care” that covers all of these many dozens of such micronutrients. Our founding associate is the co-author of the “Natural Way”, Jan Roberts. So, our proven Preconception and Pregnancy Wellness package is second to none.

All you need to do is to contact us and let us do the rest. Your new baby’s health – and that of your existing children and your own – are too important not to do something this easy that could have such a profound effect on three people for the rest of your lives.

If you are a distance client, then contact us for case-taking material and we can arrange a telephone consult, as we work well with your doctors and other practitioners.