Counselling (or guided listening) is an important part of our service. It is very important for your healing to occur that you are properly listened to. This may sound silly, but it is very true.  You know instinctively that your practitioner won’t have a clue in the world which treatment to implement if he or she has not listened carefully to the story behind your issues.

On the subject of counselling, it is equally important for you to verbalise your concerns in order for you to discover the true solution. That’s why counselling is really “guided listening”.  It simply means that the skilled “listener” has been trained to guide you through the various levels of your issue and to enable you to do so verbally.

Why is “verbalising” important”? Verbalising enables tyour brain to make the necessary connections so that you can link the “cause and effect” process regarding vexing problems. If you don’t verbalise, then your brain may not link in the correct pathways and the same thoughts go round and round in circles, never reaching a conclusion. This is the stuff of non-specific anxiety and unpleasant recurring dreams.

Once you have reached the “Aha!” you will find that a wonderful feeling of peace descends over you and you enter a new “place”. From then on, reason will be balanced equally with emotion in your reactions. If this begins to fade a little, then you always have the option of “re-charging’ with the counsellor.

We find at our clinic that this process is an integral part of the healing process. Along this method of unblocking issues, then herbs, nutritional medicine may be of assistance in making you feel good internally and may restore vitality..