Preconception planning

Preconception planning – article

Preconception planning aims to:

  • Ensure that you achieve optimum health in preparation for a successful pregnancy,
  • Help you maintain your health throughout pregnancy
  • Ensure that your new baby is born happy, HEALTHY, and bright and
  • Enable you to remain strong and vital throughout breast feeding and
  • Re-build your own nutritional reserves to make you ready for the next pregnancy.

Not only the baby but also our pregnancy/breastfeeding plan ensures that your baby receives optimum nutrition throughout the whole process

Who might benefit from a healthy preconception programme? Just about every one of the

1 in 6 Australian couples are infertile, according to the Australian Health Survey.

Our process is aimed at reversing the deficiencies and toxicities relating to:

  • Freezing
  • Boiling
  • Some other forms of cooking food wrongly
  • Pesticide contamination
  • Storage chemicals
  • Preservatives in many prepared foods found in the local supermarket
  • Other environmental contaminants from plastics and petroleum products
  • Contaminants from a house renovation
  • Industrial contaminants from demolitions, chemicals, solvents, diesel etc.
  • Farming chemicals

“But what if I’m over 32 and thinking of falling pregnant, I might have been a smoker and drinker also?”

A pre-conception program may be of benefit to you even if you:

  • Have experienced miscarriages
  • Are of child bearing age and have been:
    • a smoker
    • a drinker and
    • Want to have the best chance for a healthy baby
    • And wish to minimise the toxins that may affect a future embryo.


Endometriosis may have its origin in an over-activated immune response, called “Mast Cell Activation Syndrome”.

  • Such a syndrome responds well to our routine “4-step detox” plan, backed up with our in-house testing.
  • This in turn aims to detoxify you and refresh your gut lining, liver and kidney function
  • The tests may show visible changes that show if we’re on the right track

Our routine tests highlight all the above-mentioned toxins

And in line with Foresight International, our success record is on a par with the IVF programme.

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