Wellness Outcomes

Wellness Outcomes

What are Wellness Outcomes ?

This question perhaps drives your health aspirations today. That is – you may not just want to be treated for an illness symptom, you may want to:

We are finding increasingly that the modern woman often wants to have a richly rewarding and fulfilling career and a lively, interesting youth, then have a baby in your thirties or forties or even fifties. And you want to be fertile so that you can conceive when you want to. And you want THAT baby to be happy, healthy, full of energy and possessing a healthy immune system.

And dad – you want to be able to be vital and virile when you’re younger and into your senior years.

It’s happening all over the world and it’s happening here.

That’s where we come in. How? Because the new version of the old-fashioned GP is actually a collection of people these days – doctor, physio, natural therapist and chiropractor. We are an important cog in the machine that will help you to regain your vitality. You see … obtaining Wellness Outcomes is a powerful goal and we offer the potential for all of these wellness objectives at Wade’s Compounding Chemist and Naturopath, also known as the Lane Cove Wellness Centre.

And pharmacists and doctors need to change also. That’s why, as a seasoned pharmacist, I studied to become a naturopath, homoeopath, nutritionist and herbalist to help you achieve those vitality goals.

Why nutrition and herbal medicine? Well, our job as a pharmacist has always been to support the work of our doctors and consider ourselves part of the health care team. With wellness outcomes now being the focus of over 60% of the population (according to recent surveys) there is an additional “team” job to do as part of this support structure. That job is to support or complement acute treatment goals that you expect your GP to provide for you with the time, knowledge and patience to drive through your nutritional and dietary needs, coupled with needed body work that is often necessary to deliver a Wellness Outcomeâ„¢.

That’s why I wanted to add to my pharmacist skills. I wanted to be where my clients were and hopefully take them to where they want to go. You see, it is my belief that sound nutrition is the fundamental requirement of good health, and therefore is essential to wellness outcomes.

To achieve wellness means to recover FULLY from a chronic disease if possible. We have a growing list of people who are finding that to be possible.


By teaching you how to become responsible for your own health outcomes.

How do we do that?

The main way is by gathering detailed information about your body and what is wrong with it, processing that Information and delivering our Report Of Findings coupled with a suggested strategy that may deliver your solution. Yes, the solution will include directional changes on food, vitamins, minerals and lifestyle and their place in your health equation.

So, we se ourselves as the vehicle that delivers that information. It is my belief that our nutritional training should be directed in making you independent of us eventually because we try to educate you into being able to make the correct choices.

More healing

As a naturopath also, I like to incorporate the healing aspects of homoeopathy, herbal medicine, other energetic medicines and techniques, and Frequency Specific deep tissue therapy with pain relief therapy to hasten the healing. That’s why I am constantly attending seminars around the country to keep abreast of the really impressive advances in research that are being undertaken – often for very little reward – by the modern day heroes of health – the quietly stated research workers. These people occupy corners in most universities around the globe and recently, exciting breakthroughs are being made in modern commercial laboratories such as Nutrigenomics.

So, let us deal with the problems that others cannot seem to solve. Finding solutions to these is my hobby.

Finally, don’t forget to just pop in or drop us a line for a check-up and good quality food supplements and dietary advice to keep you healthy, slim and vital.

For an approach that may help your individual case, write to:

info@wellnesscentre.com.au or call Phil or Kirsty at 61 2 9420 4959 or ring: 1300 722 625