A nutritionist looks at the picture of your body’s
total nutrient intake in a wholistic manner. By that I mean that we are not
only interested in the things that a dietician likes to consider but also we view
the functional performance of your cellular tissue.

Let me explain:

In order to convert lamb chops and lentils with
rice to its smallest components and then into healthy tissue, your body needs
live enzyme activity. These enzymes are catalysts that make it all happen. It
is a poorly held fact that all enzymes need vitamins and minerals to make them

That means to you that few people will have
complete enzyme activity as over 80% of people are deficient in one or more
trace minerals in their daily diet. To make matters worse, most vitamin
supplements don’t cater for all of these deficiencies. To make it worse again,
an imbalanced supplement can actually drive a deficiency into the wrong

The bottom line is that the only
answer is to supplement the daily diet with a correctly balanced formulation.
Once we have restored sufficient reserves of trace elements, vitamins and fatty
acids in your tissue reserves, only then will your cellular activity return to normal
functioning and with it your health and energy profile (wellness).

Why can’t I just tell you what to do right now in
order to hit your peak? The answer is that with over 100 essential
nutrients to think about and thousands of enzymes that are activated by various
combinations of them, the chances of me getting it right for you are quite
small without more information.

We need to know all about what you eat, what
aspects of your health are a concern , how long you’ve been feeling “off
“, what you do every day, where you’re placed in your personal space,
which biological system is playing up, if your gut is dysbiotic and more. That’s why we have developed a unique
and comprehensive questionnaire system to give us all of this information in
logical, concise sequence so that we can make some assessments on your behalf.

In the process, we may need to see you as well to
conduct a full physical examination and to put together our subjective and
objective assessments in order to be able to give you a full report. It’s the
difference between functional medicine and reactive medicine.

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