Haemaview live blood view

Haemaview live blood view

Dark Field live blood examination by microscope, using one drop of blood, is a powerful new way to develop a targeted health-promoting regime. It works by displaying your single drop of blood on a screen via a high-powered, laboratory microscope, in our office, right in front of you. And – it may also tell us to some extent whether what we do is effective because you can see for yourself the changes that come over your cells with our unique Wellness OutcomeTM Programme, given reasonable time. Live blood examination under a High powered microscope is akin to a window to inside you.

You see… your blood cells may react just like other types of cells, so by looking at them you can see for yourself their state of health by comparing them to sample slides.

And as Wade’s Wellness OutcomeTM Programmes are all about helping you to improve your zest and vitality, then you can see changes that may occur during the length of a programme and compare that to how you actually feel.

That means to you that as Wade’s Wellness Programmes are designed to restore you to health in situations where your body lacks “zip” you can ensure that we are on track with your expectations.

And you don’t have to be told, do you? You usually know when “something’s not right”. We may be able to help you to restore normal energy and zest, and healthy joints, a happy stomach, relieve sore throats, restore healthy digestion (even as a teenager), relieve growing pains, improve spotty and red skin, help with better breathing, general bone and muscle aches and pains – from ageing or accident. Also the programmes are designed to improve prospects of falling pregnant, developing nice, steady hands; uplifted moods, better sleeping patterns, improve sneezing or itchy or inflamed skin; ease sinus problems, menstrual pains, pelvic inflammation and pain, health of your ovaries, endometrium issues, mood swings, insulin resistance, low blood glucose (sugar).

And the list goes on.

The bottom line is that high powered, Dark Field Microscopy will often show that many of these issues may show signs of change from relatively straight-forward techniques of natural therapy. These are nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and deep tissue, frequency specific applications (FSM). Our brief is to address the underlying causes that may lead to a chronic illness by using techniques that detect ill health parameters and complementary medicine to address them. For further information, contact us and we will be only too happy to arrange a test for you. Not only that but also if you are a health practitioner, be you a medical doctor or natural therapist, we will be happy to do a health assessment for your client and forward a detailed report of findings, complete with photographs of live blood cells of up to 100,000 times magnification, parameters, interpretations and suggested solutions for these parameters. In this way, you can offer a more wholistic diagnosis and a truly unique treatment regime for your clients. info@wellnesscentre.com.au Corporate Health

But there’s more. If you need corporate wellness work done for people in your workplace, we have other excellent screening tools and early warning methods for executives and others. And you may get to find out how you might improve employees’ health. And it may mean better performing people through improved wellness.

Sporting teams may also benefit – especially school age children, whose health challenges are even more intense due to the overloaded nutritional demands made on their bodies by the growth process coupled with intensive classroom activities, social bonding and sporting pursuits. So, get on board with Wade’s Wellness Programmes without delay. As the old English proverb goes – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…. Call us NOW to commence your journey that may lead you back to Wellness and a life of zip and bounce.