Calcification of joints and soft tissue like muscles and arteries is a fundamental part of many arthritis conditions and heart/circulation illnesses.

How could I remove calcification?

This clinic produces calcium orotate complex capsules that are designed with this purpose in mind.

What is calcium orotate?

Calcium orotate is a calcium-bound form of Orotic acid. It is absorbed directly into constantly-re-forming bone cells which absorb and “lock in” the calcium, releasing the surplus orotic acid for active duty, as it were. This process at once builds up the normal crystalline matrix that, along with the correct protein, creates or re-establishes normal bone structure, simultaneously removing crystalline calcium deposits from cartilage and recycling it back onto the bone cells.

This is because the free orotic acid is then released into circulation via the joints. So, if any “spare” calcium crystals are “lying around” the joints, they may be chelated by the orotic acid and re-absorbed into the bones.

Orotic acid is produced in small quantities at a cellular level, is normally required to enhance normal DNA production, and is a potent “chelating” agent that specifically targets calcium, magnesium and other dual cations. Normal cell membranes contain special structures that provide “active transport” for Orotic acid and its salts, like calcium orotate, that enable their rapid absorption into cells.