Do all vaccinations “take”?

The uptake of immunity to a vaccination depends on the potency and quality of specialised immune “B” cells.  Wade’s Winter Mix is designed to assist in your ability to recover from the flu if not vaccinated, and if you need a vaccine, also a better chance of the vaccine to “take” (i.e. become “sero-positive”).

In fact, the same applies to childhood vaccinations as well as travel vaccines.

How can I protect against Vaccinosis

Vaccinations have a limited appeal, and are mostly successful – against the 3 or 4 strains of the trivalent or quadrivalent vaccine. There are something like 144 possible antigen (variety) combinations. So, while it makes sense for people working in close contact to vaccinate against the flu, if you are exposed to a strain other than the 3 or 4 that you are immunised for, then you may still “catch the ‘flu” from another strain.

I have assembled a combination of micronutrients that target Immune Cell production and cell membrane health and effectiveness.* Many case studies indicate that by taking our “MVM 78:12 powder, “Winter Mix” blend and mixed oils, we meet all the requirements taught by various lecturers that enable white blood cells to grow and mature optimally in bone arrow.

We have noted case studies to verify this.

*Ewen Cameron, 1984; Emanuel Cheraskin, circa 1980; Metagenics Seminar series ongoing.

Case studies of vaccinosis

On the other hand, we have had clinic clients report that they or children acquire illness following vaccinations. One client subsequently developed glandular fever, following a vaccine-related illness. Being a medical scientist, she was qualified to note the connection. She had subsequent attacks and over the years became worse, finishing up with a diagnosis of a degenerating nerve condition, involving sclerosis of the nerves, that has now been given a designated medical condition, and has submitted to treatment with Ocrevis. (SC has made herself available as a reference).

Another client was a mature-age nurse (Fl) and was ordered to vaccinate against Hep B. It took 6 attempts to become sero-positive. Her health suffered during this process.

So, the illness of Vaccinosis does occur, but why? And why is it not reported?

The answer to me may lie in the nature of “B” cells, that are charged with developing immunity. They require a certain basic foundation of micronutrients in order to work. And according to the Australian Health Survey, published 2016, we can no longer be assured of acquiring this foundation from our normal foo supply. This has reflected similar findings of previous Australian Dietary Surveys, dating back to the eighties.

That’s why we developed a preparation that we call our Winter Mix. Our hope is that if people take this for a period of time prior to receiving vaccinations, then it may boost immune capability and so may not suffer what appears to be immune exhaustion, following vaccination.


My associations (ATMS and the Pharmacy Guild) have never suggested to my knowledge that we report cases of vaccinosis, nor of sero-negative results. Not sure if medicos have such an avenue to report these instances either. Therefore, “Industry” claims that this problem has a very low incidence is hardly credible.

One Western Suburbs GP actually took the trouble to report to Ben Fordham’s 2 GB talk-back show that she had children whom she had vaccinated against Whooping Cough brought to her surgery within 2 years of a recurrence. Her observation matches mine – that there must be two strains of Pretussis and only one is in the vaccine.