Micro-clotting from M-RNA and DNA vaccines

Hypothesis of the development of microclotting   By Phil Wade

Genetic vaccine mode of action


My hypothesis is that when injected genetic material enters capillary cells then microclotting can occur.

What might cause micro-clotting and why is it important to prevent it?

Firstly, I believe that micro-clotting it is a potential feature of any genetic vaccine simply because of the way they operate, locating spike proteins on cell surfaces (see below).

And it is my belief that it may be largely prevented once we understand the mechanism of how the genetic material works its way into a cell and what happens afterwards (also below).

And it may be prevented by taking low-dose aspirin or else  including abundant omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil* or an appropriately-balanced mixture of nut and seed oils**. 

*Fish Oil must be high in omega-3 and triple distilled under nitrogen.

**Nut/seed oils must be organically derived and stabilised with vitamin E as a preservative.

Normal mechanism of the entry and action of genetic material
Step 1

So, it is supposed to be absorbed completely into the muscle into which it is injected. If that happens, all good. The absorption process is down to the adjuvants that are included in the vaccine-associated material that go into your arm along with the actual RNA (Pfizer or Moderna) or DNA (Astrazenica) (henceforth known as GVs) contained therein.

Step 2

The muscle gene drivers that the cell’s DNA normally produce are then taken over by the injected M-RNA or DNA, and the muscle cell dynamics at once are solely focussed on producing the Haemagluttinin enzyme (“spike protein” that allows the virus to enter cells).

Step 3

This newly-produced protein then locates on to the surface of the muscle cell.

Step 4

The original genetic material then degrades in the cell and may contribute to the pool of amino acids that the cell can re-use.

Step 5

The immune cells then recognise the “foreign protein” on the cell surface and go off and cause their companion “B” cells to do their thing.

Problem solved.

So what can possibly go wrong (as a wise character once ironically asked in the W D Roberts children’s mystery book: Baby Sitting Is A Dangerous Job)?

Potential danger.

From the alleged, legendary fallout between the Pfizer CEO and his Chief Chemist, one can conclude that the genetic material was not supposed to leach from the deltoid muscle into the general circulation. Incidentally, A TV clip showed the CEO being interviewed on whether he received the vaccine and answered “no”, giving a reason around his age.

So if it does, what might happen?

Entering Capillary Cells

Well it is supposition on my part (hence the “Hypothesis” heading) and everybody else’s according to this N Y Times clip, but it does seem that the genetic material could also enter other cells if it starts circulationg, including initially, capillary cells.

If it does then it is feasible that capillary cells could also locate spike proteins on their surface.

If this should happen, the normal, inflammatory immune cell “cascade” would automatically follow, and then the capillary surface would produce “cytokines” that induce inflammation and therefore potentially, clotting.

Resultant effects

The resultant effects are that any tissue which the capillaries are “feeding and cleaning” will quickly starve and after going into a period of being dormant, die slowly or quickly, depending on the activity of the organ involved.

Busy organs like the heart and brain may be the first to be affected.

The muscle layers of the arteries themselves may also be a prime “target” for micro-clotting.

This phenomenon may help to explain neatly why the major effects of the genetic vaccines have been the brain, heart and aneurisms.



I originally developed a (quite clumsy) hypothesis of how the virus itself worked and also on similar protective measures.

While it is all valid, in the words of one of my checkpoint peers, it is “poory written”.

Oh well, I guess the journey is what counts, not the destination… haha.

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