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It may well be possible to make sure that you are going to be that person who catches the virus and remains perfectly healthy. Below, we discuss how we can aim for this.


How did we stumble on this secret?

Well, one of our case studies showed that when we measured the effect that our immune support blend called “Leuco Activate” – aka our “Winter Mix” – had on a 7 YO recently, we found that he had initially a forehead temperature of 37.5°C but actually felt very hot to the hand. We gave half a teaspoonful to the child and 30 minutes later the temp. had reduced to 36.7°. He had come home with a “tummy virus” that had swept through the school. Normally we use it routinely to offset the severity of cold and ‘flu infection and symptoms, and had always subjectively that it did a significant job but this was the first time that we had actually measured the temperature drop when administering the Leuco Activate and noted the change objectively. 

This simple but profound study told me a lot about how actually putting a well-thought-out theory into practice does reap dividends.

So what is the implication for “getting over” the virus as well as feeling better?

Let me explain.. You see… we realised in making our product that is packed with vitamin C, along with dozens of other nutrients that are normally found in the plants where ascorbic acid normally resides as presented in “Leuco activate” is that White Blood Cells (WBCs) can accelerate their “natural killer” activity up up to 40 times, as Emanuel Cheraskin told us on that fateful afternoon many years ago at the Blackmores-hosted conference at the Hotel Manly, when replete with vitamin C.

And you can achieve better concentrations of  vitamin C (ascorbic acid) into human cells when accompanied by certain nutrient “accelerators” called co-factors that are found to accompany ascorbic acid in nature.

As this has a similar action to paracetamol – or acetaminopthen as our USA colleagues call it – it might work the same way on the body’s own internal cannabinoid receptors.

For the above reasons we feel that it may be effective in minimising the severity of symptoms for a novel virus as well as the re-infection of past viral infections (seasonal ‘flu).

Our tips for preparing for the Coronavirus aka Novel Covid 19, and also influenza

  • Follow current personal spacing and isolation requirements, observing recommended standards.
  • All should exercise regularly, preferably in sunlight[i] in the safe hours. Gardening, housework, cooking & walking outdoors etc.
  • Keep your circulation going to optimise “Natural Killer Cell[ii]” availability.
  • Use beaches and parks as much as allowable and as often as possible
  • Use more physical styles of exercises if inclined, for younger people. Cardio work is king! For the rest of us, a good walk once or preferably twice daily is ideal.
  • Stand no closer than 1.5 metres from others
  • If they cough or sneeze, stand 2.5 metres distant and take one step sideways
  • Cough or sneeze tightly into crook of elbow.
  • Keep nostrils moist if in air conditioning.
  • Drink 1.5 to 3 litres of water daily – or more – depending on conditions and exercise level.
  • Hand and surface sanitising
    • Wash hands at least  with water and/or plain soap if no alcohol-based sanitiser. Ask the pharmacist to recommend the best soap.
    • Keep rooms well ventilated – preferably cross-ventilation but without the “draughts”..
    • Use hand and surface antiviral sanitiser where possible.

 In addition:

Recommended daily immune-boosting “resilience”[iii]* regime

Ask Phil for advice about any of the following:

If you catch the virus this possibly may help to prevent severe symptoms:

  • High-dose Winter Mix, a complex natural formula with vitamin C[xiv] at first sign of virus infection
  • Antiviral[xv] herbal medicine (ask the pharmacist/naturopath)
  • Include Specialised herbs to help soothe airways and help immune cells (Ask at counter)
  • Wade’s MVM 12:78****
  • P.E.A. capsules
  • Compounded Melatonin capsules or tablets (requires Doc prescription).
  • Medical cannabis
  • Winter Mix
  • Probiotics, especially those containing paracasei and S. boulardii in combination with LGG
  • Vitamin D3

If you cannot obtain them locally, please feel free to order through us via contact.

Use a low-reactive Diet to assist with better health.

See Phil and Kirsty’s general dietary guide for wellness.

Dietary and wellness consults are available by appointment – either in-store or video.

Natural immunity

This comprises special white blood cells, called Natural Killer cells that can kill a virus on contact. They don’t need prior exposure. You can boost NK activity with the nutrition that gets them going for your protection.*****”


Use outdoor exercise opportunities in safe sunshine to the maximum available/allowable.

Frequent movement especially during sunny days is great for necessary circulation.

Grow a veggie garden for valuable extra vitality through freshness and low contamination (see “Urban Gardner” on face book).

Drink 1 litre of Wellness Water** daily, aiming for a total of approximately 3 litres of water daily.

Wash hands with water or soapy water regularly.

Maintain the 1.5 metre rule.

Take the Winter Mix twice daily in water.

Drink green tea 3 x daily (heat water to 80 degrees only – not boiling water).

Enquire about benefits of P.E.A., medical cannabis and melatonin.

Tetravalent Influenza vaccine

  • Administered in the pharmacy
  • Still obtain influenza vaccine if you normally have it
  • Please book for a vaccination now as supplies are always limited

*Ref. Linus Pauling,Dr Emanuel Cheraskin: circa 1974 who noted that vitamin C with supporting minerals and vitamins boosted natural “killer” cells (that can kill invading virus and bacteria) with up to 39 times greater activity.

**Keeping your system alkaline helps reduce inflammation and may help support immune regulation

***Certain noted antiviral herbs also are soothing to throats and may also reduce the “cytokine storm” that is a condition of distress that some people may experience who are impacted by the corona virus.

****Foundation Nutrition describes those micro-nutrients***** that control your body’s immune defence and general health and vitality.  Overwhelming evidence shows that globally and locally, the great majority of us are deficient in many of these elements.

*****Micro-nutrients that should appear in food – and in the right amounts – may include up to 78 minerals and 12 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids, essential bioflavonoids, omega-3 and -6 fats, and other natural elements such as mushrooms, fresh, leafy greens, root vegetables, some fermented products, herbs and fruits. We incorporate these into the Phil’s Green Smoothi.

*****Wade’s MVM 12:78 is the micronutrient base of the above. It is also the basis of Phil’s Green Smoothi.

Wade’s Winter Mix contains the optimum proportions for maximum activation of  Natural Killer white blood cells.

















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