Why avoid vaccinating children for Covid, colds and ‘flu

Pfizer worryingly lobbying our governments to vaccinate children

It is with great concern that I read where Pfizer sales representatives are lobbying aggressively the various governments to have children under 12 vaccinated with their genetic vaccines. This report shows classic bullying of Health Authorities and implies the using of potentially, a combination of bribery and emotional blackmail. See this link: (https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/05/07/health-202-drug-industry-keeps-ramping-up-its-spending-lobbying/)

Puzzlingly, our own TGA has seemingly capitulated to this pressure, changing its stance and allowing children over 6 YO to be vaccinated, when they know – or should know – that this process is quite unnecessary as healthy children of that young age simply have an abundantly protective immune system.

So, do children need cold and ‘flu vaccines?

Let’s look at the evidence.
Very few, if any children in Australia under 18 YO have yet died from this pandemic.

That’s because healthy infants are endowed at birth with abundant, innate “killer” white blood cells called T cells that can destroy invading viruses on contact. These are produced in a highly developed thymus gland. This gland is also present in adults but becomes less vital as your immune system develops.

So, the task is to raise the health of immune cells in children – and adults for that matter – to their peak potential.

And vitamin C is necessary for maximising the activity of these vitally-needed immune cells in far greater amounts than currently recommended. See this link for evidence:

So, this immune cell activity can be achieved by healthy eating, regular exercise and having an abundance of vitamin C that boosts immunity and that is only available by eating freshly-picked foods or by supplementation.

Sadly, according to the Australian Health Survey, we all need to take extra minerals and vitamins in our diet to achieve optimum health. Some are needed in significant amounts, like calcium and magnesium and some is trace amounts like zinc. Many minerals and some vitamins were not surveyed but one can reasonably assume that this deficiency applies across the board. See this link for evidence.

  • National Institute of Health research says: ” A study of blood samples taken before the COVID-19 pandemic showed that some people already had certain immune cells that recognize SARS-CoV-2”. (Aug 18, 2020).
  • That means that many adults have plenty of these T cells still in circulation too.
  • So it makes sense to me to harness these cells in children in particular to kill naturally the virus.
  • Then by general mingling in controlled conditions, children they can easily gain lifetime immunity.
  • It is especially important to allow this sort of mingling continually so as to  “upgrade” immunity against mutated virus forms. And as airborne virus dies rapidly in dry air and UV exposure, this process allows a natural “auto-innoculation”, similar in effect to vaccination, that is desirable in both children and adults.
  • So the trick is to gain careful exposure, at a reasonable distance, so the live exposure virus count is as low as possible but with sufficient dead virus exposure to allow natural development of antibodies by normal immune cell activity.
  • This is herd immunity.
  • The thymus gland is known to atrophy gradually through lack of use and poor nutritional input. That is another reason why only some adults become very ill while most adults shrug off the virus.
  • Also, according to the Centre for Disease Control genetic vaccines are designed not to become involved with immune cells in the normal way but to harness muscle cells and potentially other cells in order to produce antibodies.  This mode of action is deemed by many to be inappropriate for children especially. See link: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/different-vaccines/mrna.html

Lifetime immunity naturally

Keeping this invaluable thymus gland active through good food, abundant vitamin C, exercise and exposure to fresh air and safe sunlight is the best preparation for these children to go on to lead a healthy life, and – by continual, mild exposure to new microbes, to develop and maintain a healthy immune system, and so be able to resist better to any microbial infection throughout their life.

This happens when T cells talk to B cells and allow them to generate antibodies to generate a permanent immunity.

This “herd immunity” can only really happen when, after we become infected or conventionally vaccinated, we mingle with the general population and constantly refresh the “memory” of these cells and in that way develop lifetime immunity, comprising both “activated” T cells for immediate attack and B cells that can have their memory refreshed periodically to generate a constant presence of antibodies.

And that is how youy acquire herd immunity.

Phil Wade

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