Bio identical hormones release menopausal women

Bio identical hormones release menopausal women

Bio identical hormones consist of semi-synthetic hormones that are usually made from natural plant extracts and that are identical to human hormones. Let me explain.

You see… if you need to supplement your natural hormone levels, there are available now, through our compounding laboratory, hormones that we can make in preparations for you that do not affect adversely the way your body works, when taken as directed. Such needs might occur during menopause or andropause. As the bio-identical hormone is introduced into your body, it will mingle with the natural milieu of your own hormones and fall into a natural cadence of health. They are broken down naturally when the body no longer needs them, just as your own endogenous hormones are.

That means to you that they do not accumulate either in yoiur body or the environment and are infinitely safer to use than chemically-changed hormones.

Health-building approach

Having said that, we also believe in the wholistic approach to the whole question of Wellness Outcomes – be it regarding menopause issues or any major health challenge. But our credo is to treat the immediate problem first. So, using bio-identical hormones first to “put out the fire” and then correcting the underlying causes is an approach that makes sense to us.

Why stress the word identical?

Simply because there are many types of synthetic hormones on the market that are not identical to human hormones. Why? Simply because they are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies who need to “tag” the hormone with an extra chemical structure for patenting purposes.

What harm does structural tagging of hormones do?

Adding a chemical structure (called a radicle) to a hormone means that the new hormone+radicle is no longer bio degradable. Firstly, it means that, while it may act in part like a real hormone, it will not be broken down by normal plant or animal enzyme action. That means to you that it will – and does – accumulate in the environment and cause damage to the DNA of future generations on animals and humans. It affects sexuality of animals and humans for instance, when it accumulates in the water supply.

Secondly, as it accumulates in human and animal tissue, it will cause proliferation of cells and this leads directly to fibrous growths and various types of tumours. Of course, when glands over-develop, other problems also ensue. For example, multiple cysts may form on ovaries and prostate glands may enlarge. A uterus may develop fibroids. Nodes might emerge on a thyroid gland. Brain tumours may develop.

So, all in all, it is best if we do not consume synthetic, non-identical hormones. If hormone replacement therapy is required, bio identical hormones are best.

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